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What Is TooManly Cars And The ‘ManScore’?

TooManly Cars is a new kind of automotive entertainment, and the ManScore is its heart.

Some of my fondest childhood memories in the old country involved cars. I was quite the oddball in my early childhood, so I had no friends. I remember often walking alone in my neighborhood and taking in the awe and beauty of the world around me. I especially couldn’t stop marveling at the busy streets and the wheeled mechanical contraptions that ruled them, ever so intoxicated my their noise and smell.

An even more indelible memory was going out after the day’s rain had stopped and playing in the mud. Artistically inclined, I would grab chunks of the sticky and glutinous substance and, as if instinctively, molded cars and motorcycles out of them. They were fine pieces of art, and I was quite pleased with my work.

After eight years in Africa, my family decided to move to the new world in the early 90s, and this just fueled my infatuation with cars. I transitioned from making mud cars and motorcycles — the Canadian soil was not conducive to such endeavors — to sketching them. From sports cars to minivans, I was indiscriminate in my art, and this passion for drawing cars, among other things, continued well into my teens.

There was a period between my late teens and early 20s when I stopped drawing, but I never stopped thinking and talking about cars. I browsed automotive magazines and websites with insatiable appetite, and would talk non-end with anyone willing to partake in a conversation.

The great recession hit just when I finished university, and despite making it nearly impossible for me to find a job, proved to be a blessing in disguise. Seeing the industry that I love savagely mauled and the likes of General Motors and Chrysler filing for bankruptcy spurred me to take my first step towards entrepreneurship. I initially created my first blog, AutoTribute, just to report on GM’s hardships, but it would later expand to become a full-fledged automotive outlet that covers developments all around the world.

Happy with the success of AutoTribute, I leveraged my love for cars to birth Too Manly, a lifestyle brand and community that covers the things men care about the most so that they can live healthy, happy and productive lives and, ultimately, be the best they can be.

What Is Too Manly Cars?

Carved out of the broader Too Manly brand for gearheads and men with even the slightest bit of passion for cars, TooManly Cars covers everything automotive, including news, new car releases, new car reviews, and more.

TooManly Cars is not an overly technical automotive outlet and doesn’t pretend to be one. Our goal is to create fun yet honest and relevant material that pulls at the heartstrings of the little boy within all of us; appeal to our need for speed, freedom and excitement; and pay tribute to the continuously evolving car world.

What Is the Man Score?

At the heart of TooManly Cars is the “ManScore.” Unabashedly inspired by the ‘Doug Score’ famously coined by popular auto enthusiast, blogger and YouTube personality Doug DeMuro, the ManScore consists of just three criteria — style, cool factor and fun factor — and, in the context of TooManly Cars, is a metric that looks at how manly a particular car brand or model is.

In essence, the ManScore measures the ability of anything with wheels to stir up the positive emotions of excitement, awe and delight in a man. It is a reflection of your inner child and the kind of cars he would add to his collection of toys to play with. It’s that simple.

The ManScore isn’t an answer to all the questions you might have about a car, but it can definitely be used as a decision criteria to help you buy your next car, a car we hope will help you look your prime, and more importantly, feel your prime.

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If you have any suggestions on how we can improve TooManly, feel free to let us know by contacting us. And don’t forget to do anything you can today and tomorrow to look your prime and feel your prime.

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