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Want To Attract Women? Don’t Drive A Hatchback



New Honda Civic Type R, bad

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This one vehicle type is a big turnoff for women — a big turnoff!

It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world were, instead of actually meeting your before going all judgmental, your prospective woman partner will scan you like a glitchy automaton in search of any possible fault to not have to waste an ounce of energy talking to you. The cars we drive have always been a prime subject of scrutiny, but you would be surprised at what makes the cut these days.

A study by dating website Zoosk, one that looked at 15,314,690 online dating photos (on both female and male profiles), has shed more light on the kind of cars women find most appealing, and European brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi didn’t dominate the list like you probably expected, nor did mainstream brands like Toyota, Honda and Chevrolet scrape the bottom. In fact, if you want the most attention, have a Jeep!

Zoosk’s researchers found that people with Jeeps in their profile photos were far more likely — like 243 percent more likely — to get messages from prospective mates, followed by those with BMW (149 percent) and Toyota (73 percent).

Interestingly, just having any sedan, van, or truck in your profile photo would net an increase in messages, but it’s probably best you don’t use creepy windowless murder vans, as cool as you probably think they are.

What about hatchbacks? Sure, they never caught on in North America, but they are piratical, affordable and usually more fun to drive than their sedan counterparts. Well, before you proudly take a selfie next to your cool new Honda Civic Type-R, know that having a hatchback in your dating profile will decrease messages by 15 percent.

We don’t understand where this animosity toward hatchbacks is coming from, nor are we sure we trust the result. I mean, since when did minivans (the ultimate mom mobile) and the average Toyota become chick-magnets? Since when did minivans beat anything in the coolness department?

Either we got teleported to an alternate reality, or something is not right. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Kwame Owusu (K.O.) is an MBA and the founder of Too Manly. As a seeker of manly truths, healthy living enthusiast, and practitioner of the TooManly lifestyle, he is committed to helping men everywhere look, feel and live the prime of their life at any age.

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