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A Complete Guide To Creating Your Personal Declaration Statement



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The power of personal declarations is real, so declare your to desire achieve excellence in every area of your life!

Words are powerful and are the most effective way of manifesting your desires. Your words turn into thoughts, thoughts turn into feelings, and feelings turn into action or inaction.

Your word is law. Say or believe something long enough, and you can bet it will become real.

Most people into personal development are familiar with affirmations and how consistently affirming your desires can lead to them becoming true, but how many people have ever considered declaring and even proclaiming their desires?

From birth, we are often told what we are going to be. While this can sometimes be a good thing, what if you were told time and time again that “you are a loser who will never amount to anything”?

Such statements are dangerous because they can set into motion the actualization of an unwanted occurrence. In order to counteract their negative effects, we must consciously replace them with our own declarations.

Indeed, creating an empowering Personal Statement is one of the most important investments you can make. It can strengthen your personal agency to create the life that you want.

Difference Between Affirmations And Declarations

Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind and to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or about the world, with the goal of creating the reality we want.

Although more boisterous, declarations and proclamations serve the same purpose. In fact, declarations can be used together with affirmations to more quickly develop the mindset, habits, and disciplines needed to achieve your goals and dreams.

But despite their similarities, there are a number of key differences between affirmations and declarations that are worth pointing out.

Declarations Are Public Expressions

Affirmations are empowering statements that we repeat to ourselves to create self-change. The fact that you are essentially talking to yourself makes affirmations a very personal and private affair.

Declarations and especially proclamations, on the other hand, are more public. When you declare or proclaim your desires, you usually make an official statement of what you want. Others will know.

Declarations Express Intent To Achieve

Declaring or proclaiming your desires more strongly communicates a commitment to achieve them. You don’t simply hope your dreams will come true — you know they will!

And that’s because declarations and proclamations can get your mind and your intent clarified and focused on the changes needed in your life to more easily work towards manifesting your desires..

Declarations Increase Motivation To Succeed

No one likes to be embarrassed in front of people, and failing to follow through with a task or goal you declared to yourself, family and friends will certainly make you lose credibility.

You are a man of your word, after all, and you certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint yourself, let alone those you care about. For many, the added social pressure created by declarations and proclamations provides more motivation to achieve and deliver results.

Benefits Of Personal Declaration Statements

Whether you are into personal development or not, having a Personal Declaration Statement can provide you with incredible benefits.

  • It can be used as a pep talk to overcome your fears and anxiety, allowing you to rise to the occasion
  • When used in the morning, It gives you energy to start your day strong
  • Helps keep you grounded and centred emotionally throughout the day
  • Fosters balance, clarity and peace of mind, increasing focus and productivity in turn
  • Makes you more impervious to the unfavorable action of others and what’s going on around you

Personal declarations make you aware that you should be taking action towards your dreams and desires. They embolden you to face your fears to achieve results.

Don’t Be Afraid To Declare Your Dreams And Desires

If you want your dreams to come true, you must always speak about them positively. Not only must you affirm them to yourself, but it also helps to declare and proclaim them out loud.

Some people are reluctant to tell others about their desires, fearing that people with bad intentions will sabotage their dreams with negative thoughts and actions. But this may be a reflection of how little confidence they feel about themselves and their abilities.

Such a concern is warranted, and you definitely shouldn’t share your dreams and desires with people you suspect are toxic, such as narcissists, sociopaths, and the like. These individuals will use any personal information you give them to harm you.

For everyone else, especially those you trust, if you believe in yourself and your purpose, they will have difficulty preventing you from bringing any dream to life.

Unwavering dedication to realize your goals and the momentum generated from every small success on the way can make you impervious to sabotage.

Believe in yourself so that the influence of other people’s opinions diminish, and so that it becomes easier for you to state your dreams out loud.

The universe is always listening and always responds with a “yes” to your thoughts, feelings, and spoken words, so allow it to hear your dreams and desires. Be courageous enough to overcome your fear of disappointment or judgment by verbalizing your dreams.

TooManly Lifestyle Declarations For Personal Excellence

So, you have begun to realize that there is more to life than you have been led to believe and that you are capable of achieving a lot more. Don’t doubt yourself — this realization is a fact!

There is no limit to what you can achieve, but only as long as you believe in yourself and are willing to put in the work needed to elevate every part of your life.

It is your search for personal excellence that brought you to the Too Manly community, and we are certainly here to help.

The Too Manly Lifestyle was developed to help you feel your prime, look your prime, and make everything you do prime so that you can become a Primed Man.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, most inspirational and uplifting personal development resources so that you can stand strong, aim high, and win big in life, and so that you have the confidence to declare to yourself and to the world the man you strive to become.

5 Tips For Building Personal Declaration Statements

Like affirmations, declarations and proclamations can empower you to face your fears and take action towards your dreams. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your Personal Declaration Statement:

1. Make It Personal

Your personal declarations should be unique to you. It can include your traits and beliefs, what you stand for, what is important to you, and how you look at life.

How do you choose to feel and interact with others each day?

2. Go Big, Shoot For The Sky

You are a lot more capable than you think you are, so set your goals or ambitions very high.

Don’t be deterred or even ashamed of having big and lofty dreams… Like Alexander the Great, Einstein, and Mandela big!

3. Kill Your Doubts, Have No Limits

The only thing holding you back from achieving anything you want is you. As long as you have discipline, take action, get back up when you’re knocked down, and never stop believing in yourself, anything should be possible.

Rules are for the people who made them, so set your own rules and don’t let others control or define you.

4. Give It Time To Evolve And Grow

The path to success and happiness isn’t linear.. There will be delays, detours, losing your way, and changing plans, so try not to feel rushed.

Be open to change. Your declaration statement is a living document, one that evolves as you evolve. You may remove some items, while news ones might be added.

5. Understand Yourself By Asking Others

While you should not define yourself by what other people say or think, asking others for their opinion can help you understand things about yourself that you may not have realized.

Ask the people you trust what they think your strengths are and what you have to offer the world. If you disagree with anyone’s observations, that’s OK! But at least consider what they have to say.

6. Don’t Hold Back When Building Your Dream

Don’t hold anything back, and don’t be ashamed to have material thoughts and desires. You deserve health, wealth, and happiness!

There is a world of possibilities for your adventurous soul to discover. Make your declaration so personal, so meaningful, and so deep that it gives you chills every time you say it!

Create Declarations For Every Area Of Your Life

Now that you understand the power of declarations and proclamations, it’s time for you to create and DECLARE YOUR DESIRES!

The best way to get started is to choose an area of your life you want to focus on, and then create one or more declaration statements that can be readily infused into your everyday conversations with yourself and with others.

For your convenience, I have provided personal declaration samples for the major areas of life. If necessary, modify them to better reflect your desires and life circumstances or develop entirely new ones.

Once you know what you want, declare your desires. Stand strong, feel them deep within you, and see them filling your entire being and expanding all around you.

Say your personal declarations when you wake up every morning, repeat them throughout the day, and state them before you go to sleep. If your personal declaration statement is long and requires reading, make sure to have it memorized by heart.

Doing this will provide a constant reminder of what you have set out to accomplish and what you can do to achieve success. Over time, you will notice that the thoughts instilled by your declarations and proclamations, together with your affirmations and determination, will become your reality.

Health And Fitness Declarations

Looking after yourself inside and out is fundamental to living a happy, fulfilled life, so achieving optimal health should be your number one priority.

Strive to feel your prime anytime and at any age with the following declarations for optimal health and vitality.

Today, I honor and respect my body and mind’s essential needs for life. I nourish them with the right food, the right thoughts, the right people, and the right environments.

I listen to and trust the signals that every part of my being sends me and use them to make the best health choices.

I choose to be full of energy and vitality and have a mind that’s calm and peaceful.

I am getting healthier and stronger everyday.

Declarations For Positive Relationships

Your mental health and personal well being is largely predicated on the quality of your personal relationships, and that’s because close relationships with people you love and trust, more than money or fame, is what will keep you happy throughout your life.

Health and fitness should be your number one priority, but having healthy relationships is also a form of self-care.

These declarations will empower you to build new relationships and maintain existing ones by tending to the good apples and throwing out the rotten ones.

Today, I am building new relationships, and the positive energy, warmth, acceptance, and good vibes I create attracts quality people to me.

I choose who I let into my life and possess the personal agency to let go of anyone who undermines my physical and emotional wellbeing, values and ideals, and desires and dreams.

Confrontation is sometimes necessary, so I don’t run away from them.

I surround myself with positive, loving and respectful people, and the love and respect for myself keeps my emotions stable when others do not approve of me.

I have an amazing relationship with everyone I call family or friend, and I constantly go above and beyond to cultivate love and growth in these relationships.

I look out not only for my own interests but also for the interests of others so that I have something to offer the next generation of men.

Declarations For Success In Work And Career

We all want to work in our dream jobs, but only a few of us manage to do so. You don’t have to be one of the unfortunate many.

Be clear with what you want for a job, and stay focused on obtaining it. Whenever you feel doubt or frustration about your career prospects, infuse your subconscious mind and embolden yourself with these declarations for a successful career.

I was not born with a spirit of fear, but rather with a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline to achieve anything.

The products and services I create bring great value to the people I serve.

My success is guaranteed, which is why I face my fears and press on against all odds.

Things always work out for me no matter what, and all things lead to my success, happiness and wealth.

People love to work with me, companies apply to work with me, and investors, and venture capital and private equity groups seek me out for my advice.

I breathe success, I talk success, I achieve success, I am success.

Declarations For Financial Freedom

Although people often confuse the two, financial freedom isn’t the same as being rich. It’s possible for a man to be completely financially free earning “just” $25,000 per year, while another could be trapped in debt, even with millions of dollars in assets.

Think of financial freedom as not needing to worry about money or having money be the dominating force in making decisions in your personal or professional life. This makes financial freedom more important than wealth for your health and overall happiness.

If you feel chained down by your bills and financial obligations but haven’t put yourself on a path to financial independence, it’s time to declare your readiness to break free from financial bondage. Proclaim your financial freedom now!

By day and by night, I am being prospered in all my interests; by day and by night, I am being prospered in all my desires; and by day and by night, I am being prospered in all my ways.

I foster a healthy and respectful relationship with money and open myself up to abundant wealth and prosperity.

Money is attracted to me, and I capitalize on every viable opportunity to make more of it. I have positive monthly cash flow, a strong and healthy savings account, and highly-profitable investments.

Because of this, I drive the cars I want, live in the house I want, wear what I want, travel where I want whenever I want, and am very generous with my friends and community.

Declaration For Lifelong Learning

Education keeps both the body and mind in shape, so your quest for knowledge shouldn’t end at the classroom door or even after you’ve graduated. It should be lifelong.

Make education an essential part of your adult life. Reap the professional and personal benefits of an insatiably curious mind with these declarations for lifelong learning.

Knowledge truly is power. For this reason, I open myself up to learning something new every day and make reading a very important part of my life.

Each day is an opportunity to learn something new about myself, and every personal encounter and experience represents something new to learn.

I eagerly interact with new people knowing full well that everyone has something valuable to teach me. And when I talk to others, I actively listen to what they have to say so that I can learn from their unique experiences.

When I am presented with a challenge, instead of perceiving the situation negatively, I remember that even the most trying circumstances bring with them a chance to learn something new.

My quest for lifelong learning has blessed me with valuable information to offer others when they need it.

Declarations For Self-Actualization

Self-actualization is the highest level of personal growth a person can reach. It is a lifelong journey to authenticity, acceptance, peace, harmony, love, and compassion.

To be self-actualized means to act in congruence with your true self. It means working hard to become who you want to be in life and reach your full potential.

You are free of fear, self-limiting beliefs, and judgement and imbued with love, strong moral and ethical standards, and a stronger identification with your fellow humans.

Put yourself on the path to self actualization by reading our complete guide to self-actualizing, and by writing a personal declaration statement for reaching your full potential.

Today, I allow myself to experience the profound nature of who I am and in the experience of today. I open myself up to the wonder and magic that exists in each moment.

I am happy with who I am, what I have, and what I can do right now, and reject the fear and uncertainty that are being conditioned upon me.

I release any blame and take responsibility for my actions, my feelings, and my life.

I choose to be open, tolerant, and truthful, a person full of compassion and unconditional acceptance for my fellow man.

I rise above judgement, expectations and attachments, and move toward gratitude and natural connections.

When challenging situations arise, I respond with loving detachment rather than react impulsively. I accept what I cannot change.

I let go of all limitations that block my self-growth and prevent me from creating the life I want to live.

It’s a joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

Final Thoughts On Personal Declaration Statements

When creating your personal declaration, the intention should be very specific to you and what you want in life. You can add or remove items to make the statement as powerful and impactful as possible.

No matter how many times you change it, your personal declarations and proclamations will always serve as long-lasting principles to live by. So declare and proclaim to yourself, your family and friends, your community, and to the world your intent to achieve excellence in every major part of your life.

Read your personal declaration statement with POWER and CONVICTION, and notice the extra power it gives you each day.

Say them so often and consistently that they become a habitual part of your daily communication with yourself and others.

Kwame Owusu (K.O.) is an MBA and the founder of Too Manly. As a seeker of manly truths, healthy living enthusiast, and practitioner of the TooManly lifestyle, he is committed to helping men everywhere look, feel and live the prime of their life at any age.

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