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Fact #3: Men Spend 46 Days Of Their Life Getting Ready



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Us men probably don’t spend enough time getting ready.

Guys often joke about how long it takes women to get ready, but while that particular stereotype might be true, have you ever wondered how long it takes men to get ready for their day?

46 days! According to study by body wash company Skinbliss, men spend 46 days of their life getting ready for work and other occasions, while women spend a astonishing 136 days of their life getting ready to go somewhere.

These numbers don’t include how much time is spent picking out clothes you’ll wear. Amazingly, women spend an astonishing 287 days of their lives merely picking out outfits.

As you can imagine, shaving is a crucial part of a man’s daily routine, especially for those in professional settings or food service, where it is essential to keep facial hair in check. The average man spends around four months of their lives shaving, according to a Reader’s Digest survey.

It’s worth noting that these values will vary from person to person, and other studies have shown that both sexes take around the same amount of time prepping to leave the house. But as a general rule, women take longer than men to get ready.

It’s unfortunate that society places unreasonably high expectations on women to look good while letting men slide, but that’s just how things have always been since the dawn of humanity, not to mention males are required to compensate in other ways. However, this isn’t to say guys shouldn’t take their personal grooming seriously.

Five-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton certainly doesn’t take his personal grooming lightly. Always polished on and off the rack, he encourages all guys to do the same:

“I think grooming is definitely undervalued by men. We all expect women to be fully groomed, which they do. But I also think it’s just as important for a man to look fresh and clean.”

I agree with Lewis Hamilton. There use to be time when it was considered strange for a man to haul around a serious toiletry bag or spend a lengthy amount of time in front of a mirror, but I think it’s more acceptable these day for guys to take care of themselves without being inappropriately judged or labeled a metrosexual.

Note to self: spend more than 15 minutes everyday grooming so that you don’t embarrass yourself again by stepping out of the house with a large slab of toothpaste at the corner of your mouth or part of your pant leg tucked into your sock. You’re a grown man, for Christ’s sake!

Do you agree with the results? How long do you spend getting ready everyday, and do you think guys need to spend more time with their personal grooming? Let us know in the comments below.

Kwame Owusu (K.O.) is an MBA and the founder of Too Manly. As a seeker of manly truths, healthy living enthusiast, and practitioner of the TooManly lifestyle, he is committed to helping men everywhere look, feel and live the prime of their life at any age.

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