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rolla foldable bottle


The Foldable Rolla Bottle Is The Water Bottle Every Man Needs

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rolla foldable bottle

A water bottle that literally folds, making it ideal for your next outdoor adventure or gym outing.

If ever there is one water bottle to have in your camping bag or gym duffel, it has to be the Rolla Bottle.

The ingenious, Australian-made bottle weighs just 140g when empty and holds up to 700ml of your beverage of choice. More importantly, it can be rolled up to 1/6 of its original size, saving precious storage space and allowing you to fit virtually anywhere, including your pocket.

Thanks to its premium durable silicone composition, it won’t break, dent, tear or scratch, and the silicone is so flexible that it’s also freezer-friendly.

Isn’t it about time you ditched those single-use bottles, which are generally less reliable, less versatile and less eco-friendly?

In fact, our more fervent eco-conscious readers will be pleased to know that the founders of Rolla Bottle also created Jellyfish 10, a program that donates 10% of all profits to clean ocean initiatives around the world. Every Rolla Bottle carries the Jellyfish 10% symbol.

Each Rolla Bottle costs $25, which seems like bargain considering all the features you’re getting, and is backed by a lifetime no-leak guarantee. You can have yours in one of dozens of different colors and even mix and match the lids.

Make sure to check it out, get one for your friend while you’re at it.

Rolla Bottle colors

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