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134 Best Hobbies For Men To Have More Fun

Best Hobbies for Men - Hiking

The most comprehensive and in-depth list of fun and impressive hobbies for men of all ages.

Modern man is bored, unimaginative and uninspired. When he has free time, he chooses to squander it on social media, Netflix, and other brain-dead activities.

No experience is right or wrong, it’s high time we got back to spending our free time on things we’re passionate about — activities that move us closer towards self-actualization.

We must challenge ourselves to learn new things, improve existing skills, and engage more fully with the world so that we become better, more intelligent, and well-rounded men.

And what better way to spend our free time than by pursuing hobbies that actually enriches our lives?

Incorporating a hobby into your lifestyle is one of the smartest decisions you can make, but how does one go about finding one? After all, there isn’t a whole lot of well-thought-out lists of hobbies for guys out there.

Too Manly is here for you. To make the process of finding a hobby easier, we have aggregated a wide range of hobbies for men that will surely contain something suited to your unique tastes.

While I recommend that you read all 127 hobbies to find your absolute favorites, you can always use the table contents to jump to a particular collection.

What Is A Hobby?

Confused bald man
A hobby shouldn’t be confused with an interest, a habit, or a passion.

Before you set to find a hobby, it helps to know what is considered a hobby and what isn’t.

A hobby is a regular activity done during one’s leisure time for enjoyment. Hobbies, by definition, are not pursued for professional gains such as money.

Because hobbies tend to follow societal trends, a person’s list of hobbies can change with renewed interests and developing fashions.

Advancements in technology have provided workers with more leisure time to engage in hobbies, there are a lot more people investing in hobbies now than ever before.

Difference Between Hobbies And Interests

Hobbies and interests are interrelated, but they are not the same.

Hobbies require an active pursuit of an interest (e.g. collecting, building, or creating something), while interests are pursuits that do not elicit the same strong dedication.

For example, a man with an interest in robotics may learn just enough to understand it, while another man with robotics as a hobby will spend much of his free time building robots.

Difference Between Hobbies And Passions

Hobbies are often confused with passion, but there is a critical difference.

A passion is something that elicits an overwhelming feeling of devotion and obsession (an activity, goal, ideal, etc.). The work might be hard and stressful, but the rewards are such that you just can’t pull yourself away from it.

Hobbies, on the other hand, are activities you do in your free time, usually for the purpose of relaxation. They are not meant to be stressful or cause suffering.

Difference Between Hobbies And Habits

The dictionary defines a habit as “an acquired pattern of behavior that has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition.” Habits tend to occur subconsciously.

Hobbies, by comparison, are activities that you make a conscious and deliberate decision to pursue.

How Do I Find A Hobby As An Adult?

A comprehensive list of hobbies for men wouldn’t be complete without some sort of guide on how to find a hobby of interest.

While it can feel a little cheesy trying to find a hobby as an adult, especially when one doesn’t consider drinking as a hobby, the fact that everyone has interests and passions means there is bound to be something for you.

Answering the following questions about yourself can help you find just exactly what you love to do in your free time.

  • What did I love to do when you were younger?
  • What’s something that help me forget about the stresses of daily life?
  • What do I always seem to buy as a guilty pleasure?
  • Is there anything I want to change about myself?
  • What’s the last thing I did that had me so focused that I completely lost track of time?

Successfully answering any of these questions could reveal a hobby that interests you. Whatever it is, pursue it and see where it takes you.

You never know — the passionate pursuit of this hobby, combined with skill and some luck, can evolve to a point where it becomes your job.

17 Health And Fitness Hobbies For Men

Jogging helps with self agency
Running is one of the most practical hobbies for guys who want to improve their cardiovascular health.

An essential part of being or becoming a man is to master your body so that you look and feel your prime everywhere and at any age.

Having mastery of your body means exercising and staying fit. These healthy and fitness hobbies will help you do just that.

1. Working Out

What better way to look and feel your prime than to hit the gym, build some muscles, and improve your flexibility?

Working out is a very popular hobby for many guys. While it isn’t technically a sport, the physical exertion it requires makes it as much of a sport as other high-intensity sports like basketball, football and competitive weightlifting.

You might not love it, you will certainly feel much better physically and mentally. Getting a pair of dumbells and a bench for your home and having the discipline to consistently use them can be all you need to get started.

2. Running

Running is one of the easiest hobbies to take up, and one of the most popular around the world. All you need is a pair of decent running shoes.

As a form of exercise, running improves your mind and body. It helps build muscle, burn fat for weight loss, boost the immune system, and significantly reduce stress levels.

How is that for a healthy hobby?

3. Weightlifting, Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is increasingly becoming a popular hobby for men, with many taking up the discipline for the purpose of competition or for general health and personal satisfaction.

Not only is it a powerful and very manly way to get into shape and stay healthy, but it also makes you appreciate your god-given body.

If the idea of using extreme weights to sculpt a muscular and aesthetically-pleasing body sounds good to you, and if you are willing to put in the grueling amount of work necessary to achieve results, then why not take up bodybuilding as a hobby?

4. Skiing, Snowboarding

Cold, snowy winters would be completely tyrannical if not for skiing and snowboarding.

Granted they can be expensive hobbies to maintain, both winter sports are incredibly fun, provide a good workout, and pose a challenge even for men who have done it for years.

Skiing and snowboarding can make you love winter, so give them a shot.

5. Swimming

Swimming engages every muscle, making it an incredible full body workout with many health benefits. Not only will it make you feel your prime, but it will also make you look your prime.

Swimming can be very therapeutic, with many people using it as a form of meditation. It can alleviate all sorts of health conditions like asthma and bad backs.

Grab your speedos, and spend some of your free time in water. You won’t regret it.

6. Surfing

You’re going to need a lot more than a swimming pool to incorporate surfing into your lifestyle, so consider yourself fortunate if you live near the sea.

Unlike swimming, this is one of those hobbies for men that requires practice to get started. Surfing is tiring and takes a lot of practice, but it can be a fun and worthwhile activity to master.

Gliding over open expanses of water on a board has a way of making you want more.

7. Kayaking / River Rafting

If you’re someone who just can’t get enough of the water, consider kayaking or river rafting for size.

River rafting is a hobby of two extremes. It can be a way to relax and enjoy nature or high-octane, adrenaline-boosting insanity.

Either way, this is an activity that requires good timing and endurance, as well as solid communication with your fellow raft members.

It’s important that you don’t raft or kayak alone if you don’t know what you’re doing. Rivers can be dangerous and must be approached with extreme caution.

8. Canoeing

If you are interested in kayaking but don’t particularly like wearing helmets, canoeing might be what you want.

Canoeing is a classic outdoor hobby that lets you really get into nature and makes you appreciate the power of teamwork.

Yes, getting into a small boat and fighting against the tide (or just going with the stream) can actually be a lot of fun, though you’ll need a few lessons beforehand.

9. Sailing

Of all the water hobbies for men, sailing tops the list for sophistication and complexity.

First, you’re going to need quite a budget to get started; second, it’s very hard work.

But if you can rent, borrow or even buy a boat, and if you have the determination to learn the ropes (and knots), sailing will give you the best parts of relaxation (sunshine, ocean noises and breezes, being in the moment, etc.) with mental and physical stimulation.

Because it’s such a challenging activity, you would be wise to have an instructor or knowledgeable sailor with you the first several times on the water.

10. Obstacle / Endurance Races

What do you get when you combine some of the most challenging exercise known to man into one sporting activity and then cranking it up to 11? You get iron man triathlons and crazy obstacle races.

Why not throw in marathon running, as well?

You will need a high starting fitness level and relentless self-discipline to even consider having any of these as a hobby, but the feeling of achievement people get from completing one can be unparalleled.

11. Parkour

Every man is a bit of a daredevil at heart, making parkour a very compelling hobby, indeed.

Think of parkour as three-dimensional running. Rather just scurrying about on a flat surface, you are also bolting up and down buildings and other obstacles.

Running in parkour requires both explosive power and crazy endurance to run fast and jump high, as well as physical strength to catapult your body over or around any obstruction.

Just think of what it can do for you in a zombie apocalypse.

12. Meditation

Meditation is an age-old practice of quieting the mind and focusing it on a particular object, thought, or activity without distraction.

People have been meditating in one form or another for thousands of years, finding it to be a great source of inspiration and insight.

Contrary to popular beliefs, not all meditation requires you to sit idly with your eyes closed. There are many different meditation techniques, such as walking meditation (my personal favorite), tai chi, and qigong.

As icing on the cake, it doesn’t cost anything! Meditation is a must on any list of free hobbies for men.

13. Journaling

I see journaling as more of a self-improvement tool than a hobby. Regardless, it is one of the healthiest activities any man can do.

You go to the gym to exercise your body. Guess what? As a form of meditation, journaling is exercise for the mind.

Writing expressively about who you are, how you feel about something or someone, and how you deal with certain obstacles can be cathartic, relieving you of stress and unwanted emotions, and providing mental clarity.

14. Improving Your Memory

A more forgetful, less capable brain comes as an inevitable part of aging, making memory improvement one of the most beneficial hobbies for men to maintain their mental faculties.

The good news is that there are a number of memory improvement activities that can help keep your mind sharp for longer.

Playing games like chess, learning an instrument or another language, reading, traveling and many other hobbies on our list may actually improve your memory.

15. Volunteering

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” – Old Chinese Proverb.

The secret to happiness is helping others. It addition to being a noble cause, volunteerism enriches the mind and soul.

There are many organizations and people that need help, but not enough people take the time to lend a hand. Taking up volunteering as a hobby can do wonders for your community.

16. Is Sleeping A Hobby?

An issue of contention when discussing the topic of hobbies is whether or not an activity like sleeping can be considered a hobby. So, is sleep a hobby?

Yes and no. The act of sleeping and needing to sleep when you’re tired is necessary for survival and, therefore, doesn’t fit the definition of a hobby. However, choosing to sleep in your free time when you’re not tired can be considered a hobby.

Now, why would you want to sleep when you’re not tired? Well, sleep, including naps, increases alertness; improves stamina and motor skills; boosts memory and creativity; reduces stress and the risk of heart attack; enhances sex drive; aids in weight loss; and improves mood.

Sleeping is much like walking in that way. You don’t need to go for walks, but you may do so as a hobby because it’s healthy and pleasurable.

17. Be An Activist

There are many things wrong with the world, but Instead of complaining about it, why not do something?

Talk is cheap, silence is costly, and action is priceless. Invest in the future of those you care about by educating people about situations, collecting signatures or donations for a cause you believe in, or lobbying politicians for change.

Activism, be it voluntary or paid, can be very healthy for the body, mind and soul.

17 Sports Hobbies For Men

Sports Hobbies For Men - Rock Climbing

Whether you are a jock or an old-school nerd, it seems men were born to play sports in one way or another. Playing sports is healthy and crucial in developing self esteem, while watching sports is a form of bonding.

There are many sporting hobbies to choose from, so have your pick.

1. Archery

Archery is a fun hobby that will get you in touch with your primal roots. After all, bow and arrows fed families for thousands of years before there were guns or grocery stores.

Not unless you are a Kalahari Bushman, you will probably never need archery skills to find food, but hunting is not the only reason to pick up a bow.

In addition to being fun, archery is also known to improve patience.

2. Cycling

Why drive when you can feasibly ride your bicycle? Cycling is the sport of riding your bicycle long distances either for health and enjoyment or competition.

It is an excellent way to travel, get some sunshine, and explore your town or city without wasting money on gas.

Cycling offers many of the same benefits of running with less of the strain on your feet and ankles, but you must ride safe. While wearing a helmet may look stupid, it can save your life.

3. Rock Climbing

Whoever said rocks are boring likely never tried rock climbing — one of the most badass hobbies any man can try.

As a fun but challenging sport, rock climbing will push your physical strength and endurance to the limits, ensuring that you come back stronger and sturdier.

Don’t be surprised if you notices a three-fold improvement in the musculature of your arms and chest. The ladies certainly won’t.

4. Shooting / Marksmanship

Shooting is a very manly hobby, and a surprisingly fun one at that. There’s just something unabashedly masculine about hitting a moving target with a gun, won’t you agree?

Not only is it fun, but target shooting is also easy to start (just hit up a shooting range). And with practice, just about anyone can become a decent marksman.

Just remember that people and random animals are out of limits. Practice your aim in a controlled environment and on objects so that you’re not put behind bars.

5. Tennis

Tennis is both a great spectator sport and a wonderful hobby, and that’s because it’s easy to play, immensely fun, and great for your body.

While competitive tennis is certainly not for the fainthearted, playing tennis as a hobby is an excellent way to improve your psychological and physical health.

It is an effective way to release aggression and pent-up negative emotions.

6. Paintballing

If you love tactical battles and shooting things, paintball will give you the best of both worlds without anyone getting hurt.

Get a bunch of your friends together and plaster each other with paint. Not only is paintball a fun and straightforward hobby, but it’s also a great workout.

Sure, getting shot with a paintball can hurt like hell (make sure to play with protective gear), but is there a better way to bond with your friends?

7. Fishing

Has there ever been a list of hobbies for men that didn’t include fishing? How many hobbies gives you something to eat when all is said and done?

Fishing in all its forms, including spear fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing and even hand fishing, has fed men and their families for generations. It is relaxing yet potentially challenging, requiring planning and a lot of patience.

It can be expensive to get all the gear needed for fishing, though, so we suggest that you borrow a rod for your first few outings.

8. Boxing

Boxing is often perceived as a pointless, overly-aggressive sport for brutes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not only is boxing an intense full-body exercise that promotes fitness, but it also lets participants release pent-up anger and other powerful emotions in a managed and controlled environment.

Learning to fight with your fists, and knowing that you could fight when push comes to shove, provides an aura of rugged masculinity that both men and women find alluring. It builds confidence.

Boxing dates back thousands of years, but it still has a place in our modern society. Try a few rounds in the ring, and see how you like it.

9. Martial Arts

Martial arts are traditions of combat that people practice for a number of reasons, such as for the purpose of self-defense; competition; physical, mental and spiritual development; and entertainment.

Martial arts can be the most fun you can have while working out and a great way to form new relationships.

Like boxing, knowing how to fight and defend yourself is a powerful source of confidence.

10. 5-a-Side Soccer (Football)

As the name suggests, this is a variation of soccer in which each team fields five players.

Whether you’re getting into soccer, want to start again or just can’t get enough of it, 5-a-side football is a fantastic way to play a friendly game of football, get more exercise, and enjoy some good time with friends.

Who has the time or patience to put together and administer a 22-man game of soccer, anyways?

11. Playing Pool / Snooker

What makes pool / snooker one of the best hobbies for men who value simplicity. Unlike lifting weights, running and biking, it doesn’t require physical exertion.

To get started, all you need to be able to do is hold a stick and walk around a table.

Now, just because pool is an easy hobby to pick up doesn’t make it easy to master. Becoming a skilled player can take years.

But regardless of your current skill level, pool is a fun, highly social hobby.

12. Golf

How is your game of golf? Non-existent? Don’t worry — you’ll get the swing of it.

Golf is such a classic gentleman’s hobby. Like pool and snooker, it’s a simple concept to grasp and doesn’t require much energy.

But if you’ve never played golf before, consider taking a few lessons. Becoming good at it requires serious skill.

This is one social hobby you can continue well into your old age.

13. Darts

Do you like hitting targets but prefer something less cumbersome than archery and shooting? Look into darts as a hobby.

Darts, like pool, is a fun social game to play with friends over a drink at your local bar.

There are many games you can play on a dart board and, while the rules for each one varies, all of them are challenging and competitive.

What man doesn’t like a little competition?

14. Bowling

Bowling is a classic hobby that’s best enjoyed with others, be it your family, friends, or your girl.

And you know another good reason to pursue bowling as a hobby? It’s one of the easiest sports on the body.

Get your boys together to knock down some pins while downing hot dogs and bottled beers.

15. Fencing

Like boxing, fencing dates back to antiquity. It is a highly competitive and strategic sport that provides an incredible work out.

Its elegance, quick-pace, and uniqueness make it a hobby that will surely intrigue just about anyone you associate with.

If you are a bit of an old school charmer type, you might find a new passion in fencing.

16. Coach a Kid’s Team

If you like and know a lot about a particular sport, consider coaching as a hobby.

You probably dream of one day becoming the head coach of the New England Patriots, but you will have to start small to get the dice rolling. Your best bet would be to find a local sports team that could use a hand.

Volunteer for a kids’ set-up, possibly one in which your child plays, and see where that leads. You might be surprised at how much money you can make coaching kids in a sport you love.

17. Sports Refereeing

Love sports but you’re past your prime to play? Or perhaps you never had the skill to play in the first place? Don’t be a couch potato — refereeing will still let you be part of the game.

More than that, this hobby is an excellent way to stay active and healthy, as well as earn extra money on the side of your day job.

7 Tech Hobbies For Men

Tech Hobbies, Man Flying A Drone

From sports cars to computers, power tools to wireless power gadgets, guys love technology. Why? It’s in our DNA to ticker and build things.

Most men have at least one high-tech obsession that, if treated like a hobby, could become a lucrative side gig.

1. Online Course

Real men understand that lifelong learning is an indispensable tool for personal growth, success, and happiness. The internet has made obtaining knowledge easy and relatively inexpensive.

Do you want to learn new skills to improve yourself or further your career? Consider enrolling in an online course.

Unlike traditional education institutions, online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and at times that suit you.

2. Start a Blog or Website

Starting a blog or any other website is a great way to share your thoughts with the world and possibly make some money.

Getting a website up and running is incredibly inexpensive nowadays, but it will require a lot of time and commitment to make your blog / website more than a hobby.

If there is something that appeals to you, consider sharing it with the world by claiming your personal space on the web.

3. Become A Social Media Manager

Rather than mindlessly wasting your time on social media, why not turn that counterproductive habit into a money-making hobby?

By scouring the internet for knowledge or taking some online courses, you can develop expertise is social media that you can then sell to businesses looking to grow their social reach

You can manage their social media accounts, or you could become a snazzy influencer on Instagram and collaborate with brands.

4. Learn To Code

For the computer whizzes out there, coding can be a fun way to scratch the itch in your technical mind.

Should you have the knack for ones and zeroes, programming can even turn into an alternative career path that brings in a lot of money.

Once again, online courses provide a great opportunity to learn HTML, CSS, and other coding languages on the cheap and at your own pace.

5. Robot Making

Robots are becoming increasingly popular, and so is the fascinating hobby of building robots.

Although the idea of creating a robot sounds difficult, the truth is that anyone willing to dedicate time and energy to process can build one from scratch. The tools needed to build a robot have become simpler and more accessible.

Making robots has to be one of the most impressive hobbies for men to get in touch with their inner engineer. Regardless of what you end up creating, the sense of accomplishment derived from finishing a project can make you addicted to robotics.

6. Flying Drones

Drones are quickly becoming a very popular hobby, and for good reason. They are an amazing way to relax, get a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood, and capture amazing footage for videos.

If you’ve got the money to afford one and have an understanding of the laws governing aviation in your area, drone flying can be an entertaining escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

7. Review Gadgets

If you are someone who’s obsessed with everything technology and the world of tech is your life, uncage that passion and share it with the world.

Reviewing gadgets can be a fun experience. Not only do you get to play with new toys, but you also help others pick the best ones.

Should you become a social media influencer, you will be a bona fide tech geek on the grand stange and tech companies will literally throw their products at you free of charge.

4 Musical Hobbies For Men

Music Hobbies for men - Playing Guitar
Learning to play a musical instrument like the guitar is an excellent hobby for personal development.

Men can be very passionate about their music, which probably explains why most songs and every musical genre is influenced by men in one way or another.

The benefits of music have remained the same as they have for thousands of years. It relieves stress, alleviates symptoms of depression, elevates our mood, and brings people together.

You can channel your inner creative with the following music-related hobbies for men.

1. Learn An Instrument / Play Music

Not only is learning to play an instrument a great hobby, but it can greatly benefit your brain and make you smarter.

According to some studies, learning to play music possibly increases IQ in both children and adults by increasing activity levels in areas of the brain that control hearing, memory, and hand motion.

Playing music is also believed to improve a person’s improvisation skills, executive functions, reading skills, and memory.

Mastering an instrument can take years; fortunately, it doesn’t take much to start learning one.

2. Singing

Have you wished you could sing the songs you love but thought it was impossible because you can’t sing in tune? Instead of only practicing in shower or when we don’t think no one can hear you, go the extra mile and actually learn how to sing.

If you’re a bit of a karaoke aficionado and feel that you’ve got a good voice, capitalize on that advantage.

You could either just sing for fun, or join a choir or a band.

3. Start A Band

Learning to sing and / or play a musical instrument opens up the opportunity to take part in a band or orchestra.

With the band, you can form one with like-minded friends. If none of your friends
play or sing, you can always get going with other people.

And if it turns out your band is not too shabby, try to get gigs at a dive bar or other establishments. Make some extra money.

4. Start a Classic Vinyl Collection

Vinyl isn’t just for hipsters and old geezers. If you like music but just can’t get into singing or playing an instrument, see if collecting LPs does something for you.

Collecting classic vinyls will allow you to rediscover the sounds of your youth or your father’s generation.

But be warned – this hobby is known to be addictive and can end up costing you A LOT of money.

8 Intellectual Hobbies For Men

Man writing as a hobby
Writing as a hobby is an excellent way to get your ideas out and create wonderful stories, characters, and worlds.

A man must stimulate his mind if he is to grow and prosper.

All healthy hobbies will make you smarter, but these particular hobbies for men, in addition to several others on the list (e.g. learning an instrument, playing chess, drawing and writing) will kick your mental faculties into overdrive.

1. Reading

Reading doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It not only exercises the mind, but it also relaxes the body.

The benefits of reading are manifold. It expands your knowledge base, helps alleviate stress, grows your vocabulary, and improves memory.

As if that’s not reason enough to pick up of a book in your free time, reading is a completely free hobby that we encourage all men to make a part of their lifestyle.

2. Writing

Reading and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. They improve each other.

Writing is an excellent way to get your thoughts and ideas out. It is a means of creating exciting stories and characters, as well as huge, original worlds.

Writing also provides many of the same benefits of reading and is a great way to unwind.

3. Learn Another Language

If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought about how cool it would be to speak another language. Well, how about you and I stopped thinking and started doing?

Sure, learning a new language in your free time can be challenging, but the potential rewards are huge.

It can improve your memory and ability to multitask, and reduce the risk of dementia.

Being able to speak another language can be extremely useful for mult-national companies that have operations all over the world, as well as for traveling (knowing a native language makes it easier to get around and gives you a deeper understanding of the culture).

I am learning Mandrin Chinese — what is your foreign language of choice?

4. Poetry

Any man who dismisses poetry for being too feminine is missing out on a potentially great hobby.

No only does poetry offers the same benefits as writing, but some of the greatest poets in our past were warriors, and some of the greatest warriors were poets.

Renowned WWII general George S. Patton wrote poems, while household poets like Edward Thomas, Wilfred Owens, David Jones and Robert Graves all served in the trenches of WWI.

If the idea of writing creatively sounds interesting to you, don’t let the opinions of others stop you from giving poetry a try.

5. Theater

If you like movies and television, it’s not far fetched to think you might also appreciate the theater.

Plays were the first type of drama, after all, and are basically movies set on a stage.

In fact, you might be surprised at the spectacular production value some of them have.

6. Astronomy

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects like planets, stars, asteroids and galaxies.

Are you one of those guys, who when he looks at the stars, thinks “what’s for dinner?” If so, you should probably look elsewhere for a hobby.

But if your are the curious type of guy who gets absorbed by the expansiveness of the universe, then consider investing in a telescope and a few astronomy books and tuning into the show Cosmos.

7. Researching

I am a geek, and you are too. Geek culture is dead because everyone is a geek now.

As a geek, there has to be a particular subject or field that resonates with you deeply. Is it sports? How about history? Genealogy, perhaps?

Whatever the topic or field is, embrace your compulsion to learn everything you can about it. Research to your heart’s content.

8. Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It requires using both critical and creative thinking to formulate theories about the nature of the world.

Dissecting the complex philosophical implications of concepts such as morality, reality, and existence by reading the works of great philosophers such as Kant, Nietzsche or Spinoza and / or formulating your own theories can be time well spent and a great mental exercise.

Is there anyone who can’t benefit from thinking deeply about the intricacies of our world?

13 Food Hobbies For Men

Guy friends barbecuing as a hobby
Barbecuing is a great hobby for men because you end up with something to eat.

Unlike fad foods and seasoning memes, honing your kitchen skills never goes out of style.

Hobbies involving food are great way to spend your free time, least because you have something delicious to eat once all is said and done.

1. Is Eating A Hobby?

So, is eating a hobby? Like sleeping, it depends on the reason for eating.

The act of eating and the need to eat for energy is not a hobby — it’s survival — nor is eating out of impulse or habit.

However, if a person has a keen or refined interest in food and spends his free time researching food culture and making or looking for interesting new foods to try out for the sake of curiosity and not necessarily to satiate his hunger, then eating in that sense is a hobby.

I believe such a person is called a “foodie”, but I could be wrong.

2. Competitive Eating

If you find yourself still stuffing your face at christmas dinner while everyone has lapsed into a food coma, then look into competitive eating as a hobby.

Not only do you get to eat large amounts of free food for sport and glory, but you can sometimes win good money.

Competitive eating isn’t recommended for the obesse or overweight. All that eating requires hours at the gym and a serious amount of cardio to keep your weight in check.

3. Cooking

I am a firm believer that food is the way to a man’s heart, making cooking a compelling hobby, indeed.

Not only is cooking fun, relatively simple to learn, and instantly rewarding (you end up with something to eat, right?), but it also makes you self-sufficient.

After all, are you not a real man who doesn’t need a restaurant or a significant other to be fed?

Some ground beef over here, a little salt and pepper over there, and you should be good to go.

4. Barbecuing

Yes, barbecuing is technically cooking, but it is also an art form in its own right.

For one thing, barbecuing is an outdoor activity, and understanding the finer points of food preparation over open flames, such how to manipulate the heat and create a variety of flavors, can only be acquired through special education.

Heck, you might even be tempted to become the Barbeque KING in your neighborhood, one deserving of worship.

5. Food Preserving

Food preservation is the hobby of treating and storing food in cans or jars to preserve them for later consumption.

Moisture removal is the basic goal of most preservation methods, including salting, drying and smoking,

If you grow your own fruits and vegetables or just find yourself wastefully throwing a lot of food away, you might like preserving.

6. Meat Smoking

Have you mastered the art of barbecuing but want to save the spoils of your labor for a long while later? Meat smoking is a very viable option.

Whereas other methods of preservation tend to deteriorate the taste of food, meat smoking not only preserves meat or fish, but it also enhances its flavor with the smoke.

Build yourself a smokehouse and get to work. There are few people on this planet who don’t like smoked meat.

7. Farming

Being able to provide your own food is just Too Manly — a sign of a well-rounded man.

Back in the day, if a man didn’t farm, his whole family starved to death. Although conventional farming is unnecessary in our modern grocery-getting world, it remains a valuable and masculine way of putting food on the table.

Granted it takes effort, farming in all its forms is a worthwhile, rather inexpensive hobby to take up if you want to raise your own drug-free livestock and grow your own fully-organic fruits and vegetables.

8. Gardening / Backyard Farming

Why the heck is gardening on a list of hobbies for men, you might be wondering? To that I say, why not?

Gardening is basically hobby farming with no livestock. And like farming, being practical enough to grow food for your loved ones with your own hands is the very definition of a manly hobby.

Daily gardening has also been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and combat depression and mental illness.

If a farm is what your want, adding some chickens or other small livestock to your garden will turn it into a backyard farm.

9. Alcohol Appreciation

No amount of alcohol is good for you, so this is not a hobby we recommend to anyone.

However, if you are someone who has a firm control over his alcohol consumption, then becoming an alcohol connoisseur might work as a hobby.

A connoisseur is anyone who enjoys something with discrimination and appreciation of its subtleties, so an alcohol connoisseur is a man who has more appreciation and understanding of alcohol’s subtle flavors than the average Joe.

He geeks out for alcohol.

10. Making Your Own Beer (Brewing)

How awesome would it be to make your own beer at home? Instead of wondering, start brewing.

Although making beer is a relatively easy process to get started, it’s a good idea to begin your journey with a premade starter kit that provides all equipment, ingredients and instructions required to craft your first brew.

It’s reasonable to assume you are a beer connoisseur. Once you become comfortable with the process, let your imagination run wild.

11. Distilling Your Own Spirits

Like brewing beer, being able to produce your own unique scotch, bourbon or any other hard liquor will take your appreciation of alcohol to a whole new level.

Distilling can be insanely fun, but not just anyone can practice it. Depending on where you live, there might be laws that prohibit distilling alcohol at home without a permit.

That said, try not to break the law or create anything too dangerous if this is a hobby you want to take up.

12. Making Your Own Hot Sauce

If you like cooking or making your own alcohol, then you will probably like making your own patented hot sauce.

Hot sauce is a great way to jazz up the taste of any dish, and it is surprisingly easy and fun to make from scratch.

Why settle for a store brand when you can create your own unique brand? You can even bottle your recipe and sell it if you are the entrepreneurial type.

13. Chocolate Making

Cooking in general is a delicious way to spend quality time with your partner, but it’s making chocolate that will really make her tingle.

Heck — who are we kidding — you’re going to love the taste tests just as much as she will.

14 Creative Hobbies For Men

Blacksmith Hobby for guys
Being a blacksmith is one of the manliest and most creative hobbies for men you like to make things.

Men have a reputation for being overly analytical and out of touch with their creative side, but science has shown that the most creative people are actually men… and so are the least creative people, as well.

Whether or not you are in touch with your creative and artistic side, these hobbies will help ignite and nurture your creativity.

1. Drawing

Many people think drawing is something for just a few people who are talented at it, but there is more to the discipline than just marking images on a piece of paper.

Once you think of drawing as a way of thinking in itself, expressing emotions, and bringing meaning to moments in our lives, you realize that just about anyone can pick up a pen or pencil and create a work of art.

Drawing is one of the easiest hobbies to start, but also one of the hardest to master. Don’t let your skill level deter you from pursuing it as a hobby — you will get better.

2. Painting

Painting is often the first thing people think of when one mentions ‘art’. It conjures up the works of such greats as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Michelagenlo.

Like drawing or any other form of art, painting is not just for the creative types. Regardless of your abilities, it can ignite your imagination, improve your patience and concentration, relax your mind, and alleviate anxiety and depression.

People have been painting incredible and moving works of art for generations. By simply picking up a brush, you can too!

3. Digital Art

Digital art is the process of using a computer, tablet, or phone to create an artistic work. It is the 20th century’s contribution to the world of art.

Digital art is fascinating in that it allows you to create a piece of art much easier and faster than traditional art, and with a lot more flexibility.

However, unlike drawing or painting, you can’t just pick it up willy nilly. There is a steep learning curve

If you are willing to put in the work, digital art is a great creative outlet that proves the old adage “the sky’s the limit” when it comes to creating art.

4. Photography

Most people picture a photographer as having a heavy camera slung around his or her neck. However, the proliferation of camera phones nowadays means anyone can take impressive photos anywhere, anytime.

That shouldn’t discount the fact that becoming even a half decent photographer requires a lot of work. Framing and composing a visually interesting picture can be difficult enough, but there is also the challenge of finding the right exposure.

Photography is one of those hobbies that’s easy to start but exceedingly difficult to master. Putting in the work will be an effort well spent, however, as the end result can be art of the highest order.

5. Filmmaking

Nowadays, anyone with a phone that can shoot decent videos can be a filmmaker. But depending on how involved you want to get, it can be a very expensive hobby.

Don’t let that discourage you from bringing to life the stories, characters, and rich worlds you have created in your head. Grab your smartphone, get some light, find a good microphone, and start shooting.

The experience you will gain from sticking with this hobby could one day see you filming a Hollywood blockbuster.

6. Sculpting

People have been shaping stones into wonderful pieces of art for thousands of years.

Sculpting is an ancient art form that any man can take up as a hobby. It is calming, creatively stimulating, and can be done at your own leisurely pace.

You get to express yourself, and creating something beautiful with your hands is always a great source of delayed gratification.

7. Woodworking

Woodworking is the activity or skill of making things out of wood, often with the aid of tools. It is one of the oldest crafts in the world.

Woodworking is an amazing hobby for men because it’s practical and surprisingly cheap. The knowledge and skills you will acquire will allow you to build a wide variety of decorative and utilitarian items for your home and elsewhere.

Why buy furniture or pay someone to build your backyard deck if you can do it yourself?

You won’t become a Wood Whisperer overnight, but woodworking is a hobby that is accessible to guys of all ages, skill levels, and budget.

8. Blacksmithing

The age-old and time-honored profession of Blacksmithing almost fell to the wayside because of modern manufacturing, but it has made a comeback in the past few decades.

Blacksmithing is one of the most quintessential hobbies for men and a great way to make interesting instruments like swords, iron work, wrought iron work, and much more.

There can be a bit of an initial expense to get started, and it takes practice to build some skills, but being able to mold and transform metal at your will is rewarding indeed.

9. Knife Making

From designing and carving the handle to shaping and sharpening the blade, if you enjoy the beauty of a knife, creating your own will be an unbelievable source of pride, even if all you’ll use it for is to cut steak.

While there is overlap between knife making and blacksmithing, you can make knives without using a forge and anvil. This makes it an easier, much more affordable hobby than blacksmithing.

10. Inventing

Inventing is the process of creating a unique or novel device, method, composition or process that ideally solves a problem or facilitates an activity.

As it has always been throughout history, most people assume that everything has already been invented until they are presented with something that changes their lives in ways they never imagined.

There is no university that offers a Bachelor’s of Inventing, so if you want to be the guy who invents the next thing that makes people go “Why didn’t I think of that?”, consider taking up inventing as a serious hobby.

11. Origami

Origami is the art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. It is one of the most ancient art forms out there.

Origami is easy to pick up and learn and offers a number of therapeutic benefits such as improving concentration, decreasing anxiety, and boosting confidence.

But while just about anyone can make a paper airplane, only someone truly dedicated to the art can turn a random piece of paper into a majestic lion!

Guess what? You can too.

12. Movie Reviewing

Do you often find yourself passionately criticizing or praising the movies you watch? Are you a fanboy for certain actors or actresses? If you answered ‘Yes’, reviewing movies as a hobby can be your fun thing.

You can share your opinions with the world through writing or blogging, videos a la YoutTube, or podcasts.

If enough people jive with what you have to say, consider turning your burning passion for movies into a paid gig.

13. Interior Design

You don’t need to be a woman to get pleasure from decorating your home. Interior design is one hobby many creative men enjoy.

A lot of the fun comes from realizing that it can be a lifelong process and not just a one-time activity.

If you have never considered yourself the artistic type, you might even find that you’re more creative than you thought.

14. Soap Making

Soap making has gained some prominence as a hobby for men thanks to Tyler Durden’s exploits in the movie Fight Club.

With soap-making, you are essentially turning raw ingredients such as oils, herbs and scents into a bar of soap. It won’t give you something to eat like our food-related hobbies do, but you will never have to buy another bar of soap again.

Alternatively, you can gift your soap to loved ones or sell it if enough people express an interest.

6 Gaming Hobbies For Men

Gaming Hobbies For guys- Chess With Chimp

Did you know that the areas in the brain responsible for reward and addiction get more activated when guys play games, especially video games, than when women do? It has something to do with men being hard wired to be hunters, conquerors and fighters,

Playing games has received a bad rep over the years, but you and I know that gaming in all its forms can be a good way to spend some time.

Men were born to play games, so don’t be ashamed to get in touch with your inner warrior with one of these game-related hobbies for men.

1. Role-Playing & Board Games

Role-playing and board games can seem silly and boring for people who only play video games, but they are surprisingly entertaining and beneficial to one’s well being.

As social activities, role-playing and board games bring people closer together and strengthen relationships. They can also improve your executive functions, teach you how to set goals and be patient, and enhance your creativity and self-confidence.

Role-playing and board games are not just for nerds. With literally thousands of options to choose from, there is bound to be one that caters to your unique play style.

2. Chess

People who are good at chess are often considered to be exceptionally smart, and for good reason. As a powerful mental battle between two men, chess has been linked with intelligence.

The benefits of playing chess are numerous, but they generally include better memory and concentration, improved problem solving skills and creativity, and enhanced planning and foresight.

Don’t let the complexity of chess scare or deter you from taking it up as a hobby. You don’t need superhuman intelligence to become a proficient chess player, but you do need to be passionate, dedicated, and consistent.

3. Playing Poker

Poker is perhaps the greatest card game ever invented and also one of the most masculine. Wherever there is poker, there are men.

Despite what you might have been led to believe, poker is a game of skill and not just chance. Sure, it’s easy to learn, but becoming proficient requires immense focus, patience, strategy, personal discipline, emotional stability, and a strong psychology (e.g. knowing when to quit).

In other words, dedication to becoming a good poker player will make you a better man. Become brilliant enough at it, and you can make a lot of money.

4. War Gaming

This one is for the history and military geeks out there.

Wargames may uses miniature figurines on a tabletop, board games, or even video games.

You build model armies and, as the general, move them around to simulate battles and tactics, possibly recreating specific historical events.

War gaming is a fun and creative way to stimulate your mind and develop strategic thinking skills.

5. Playing Trivia

Whether it’s at a bar, on your phone, or at the behest of a man who kidnapped your loved ones and poses riddles you must solve in order to save them, trivial is one of the most entertaining hobbies for men who like learning about people, things and the world at large.

There are benefits to playing trivia. Answering a trivia question correctly triggers a release of dopamine in the brain, giving you a sense of pleasure. And as a social activity, is an excellent way to reconnect with people and possibly make new friends.

Hitting up a trivia night also gives you a break from the hyper-connected world we live in.

6. Playing Video Games

Are video games a waste of time? Not necessarily. As with everything in life, moderation is key.

Spending most of your days and nights playing video games is what I consider a waste of time, but having the self-control to play once in a while can be beneficial.

Studies have shown that video games help people relax, providing them with an escape from their busy, stressful and routine lives.

Feel free to fire up your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC gaming rig. But unless you are a professional eSports athlete who makes money from playing games, just try not to overdo it.

11 Adventurous Hobbies For Men

Man lying in a tent
Camping, hiking, and backpacking are excellent adventure hobbies for men who love the outdoors.

If you are an adventure enthusiast or an outdoor lover, or if you’re just someone who wants to get out more and broaden his horizon, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to explore your world.

There are numerous activities that let you incorporate your need for fun and adventure into your everyday life. If you are unsure of where to start, here is a collection of adventurous hobbies every man can easily try.

1. Traveling

Very few hobbies allow you to learn more about yourself and the world than traveling. It has become a rite of passage for many, especially millennials.

You learn about new people and cultures, new languages, and new foods, not to mention seeing new, incredible places and learning new skills .

Traveling will change your perspective of the world and make you more tolerant of people and their customs.

Experiencing new places doesn’t necessarily mean going overseas. To save money (traveling can be expensive), plan a small trip to a city or state in your country, or any other place.

2. Road Trips

Road trips are a fun and relaxing way to spend quality time with family and friends, while exploring a new city or state.

Sometimes it’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey. There are many things to do and experience to be had all along the way.

3. Camping

Camping is an old-school and very manly hobby that embodies the very lifeblood connection of humans to the wild, harking back to a period when gathering food, collecting water, and long-term shelter were not an option.

You can be a survivalist camper who set off with little more than his boots, or a recreational traveler equipped with his own electricity, heat, and patio furniture

Either way, if you want to get away from the crowds and back into nature, camping is the way to go.

4. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to explore the great outdoors and push your body.

This is ne hobby that doesn’t require you to learn a new skill. All you have to do is find some cool trails around your town, put on your hiking shoes, and head out.

Hiking is often enjoyed in conjunction with camping, either as backpacking or as a series of day hikes from a central location.

5. Backpacking

If you enjoy getting out and exploring new places — be it the outdoors (hiking) or a new country — and want something inexpensive, backpacking might be the right hobby for you.

Not only is this one of the cheapest hobbies for men, but it’s also one of the healthiest and most enlightening.

Whether you are traveling backpacking or wilderness backpacking, always being on the move exercises your body, while finding new places and things to learn about sharpens your mind.

6. Flying

Pilots attest that flying is the best feeling in the world, while most people wish they could fly if they had just one superpower.

Flying is one of the most, if not the most, liberating experiences in our tiny corner of the universe. It gives you power over gravity, lets you explore the world from a different perspective, and delivers an intoxicating rush of adrenaline.

You want to know something truly shocking about flying as a hobby? Becoming a pilot is much easier than people think.

All you need to do is conquer your fear of heights, log a certain number of hours at a flight school, and pass a written and flying test.

Many people also believe that the cost of owning and flying a plane is too high, but it’s actually fairly easy to find small planes for the price of a car or rent a plane for occasional use.

7. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a leisurely but energy-intensive activity that many people practice for both fun and sport. Is there any better way to experience first-hand the strange, peaceful and beautiful world of the ocean?

Scuba diving offers a humbling experience that makes you realize just how small of a man you are when compared to the vast size of the ocean.

If this is something that interests you, make sure to learn from a certified trainer before diving head first into the hobby.

8. Geocaching

By combining the fun of discovering and navigating unfamiliar areas with the challenge of a scavenger hunt, geocaching is a great way to spend your weekends with a friend or intimate partner.

It’s an excellent educational activity and enough excuse to get off the couch.

9. Urban Exploring

Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned buildings, for thrills or to find cool and creepy things.

There are a number of urban exploring communities online, so just do a quick Google search to find tips and advice on getting started.

Bear in mind, though, that urban exploration can be a very dangerous hobby. Having good knowledge of your environment is absolutely necessary and wearing safety gear such as a helmet is often advised.

10. Become A Tour Guide

Did you know that you can be your own tour guide? Yup, you don’t need to work for a tour company.

Being a tour guide as a hobby is an excellent way to learn about every nook and cranny of your hometown, meet new people by sharing your passion and expertise with travelers from all over the world, and earn some money.

You also get to develop your communication and improvisational skills.

11. Survival Prepping

Preppers and survivalists are widely regarded as extremists, but who will have the last laugh when there is actually a zombie or nuclear apocalypse?

Jokes aside, who doesn’t want to be prepared for when something terrible happens? What man doesn’t want to be able to take care of himself in any situation or condition?

Prepping is more of a lifestyle than a hobby, but it ecompasses many of the hobbies on our list: Hunting, fishing, farming produce and animals, blacksmithing, hiking and camping, self-defence (martial arts), and food preservation.

9 Hobbies For Men Who Love To Perform

Hobbies For Men - Performance Mic

There are those men who were born to perform, and then there those who shrivel in terror at the mere thought of putting on a show in public.

For many of us, it can be difficult to keep our composure when we’re about to perform. But regardless of which camp you fall in, everyone can use a little more confidence and a bit less anxiety.

These fun hobbies will help you conquer your fear of rejection and other anxieties so that you become a more confident and assertive man.

1. Public Speaking

Most people fear public speaking more than death, making it one of the best personal development hobbies for men to take up.

Becoming a powerful public speaker requires a lot of practice and refinement, patience and perseverance, and even creativity, but the results will be worth the hard work.

Not only will you overcome your fear of rejection, but you will also improve your communication skills, boost your confidence and assertiveness, and become a more persuasive and effective leader.

2. Acting

It’s not everyday, if ever, that people get to transform themselves into another person or character. Acting is an art form that many guys want to take up but never have the courage to do so.

We often view acting as a career, but it’s also perfectly valid as a hobby. When you act as a hobby, you are able to get a stable job with a steady paycheck, have a set schedule, and act as a way to have fun rather than as a way to live.

It can be done on a theatre stage, on the streets, in television or movie productions, and virtually anywhere you can imagine. Just don’t be afraid to give acting a try if that’s something you want to do, OK?

3. Performing Stand Up Comedy

Laughter is truly the best medicine, but don’t take my word for it. Research has found a laundry list of healing benefits of this often overlooked human reaction.

That means performing stand up comedy as a hobby will kinda make you a doctor.

If you are constantly reminded by family and friends about how funny you are, or if you have a unique perspective on the world that you think others would enjoy, then seriously consider grabbing a mic and jumping on a stage.

You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make people laugh. Performing at a comedy club is not only fun, but it is also a great way to become more confident by overcoming any social anxiety you might have.

4. Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom isn’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks about hobbies for men, but sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Women love a man who can dance with them.

On top of helping you rack up some serious boyfriend or husband points, ballroom dancing can be a lot of fun for men who like to dance to music.

5. Salsa Dancing

Is Ballroom too effeminate for you? Looking for something a bit more modern and youthful?

If you are you more of a quick-footed, red-blooded type, or if you just want to get out and have some fun, give salsa dancing a try.

There are plenty of clubs and groups for you to get your latin groove on. And, oh yea, don’t forget to bring your partner along if he or she is interested.

6. Doing Magic Tricks

Using illusion, sleight of hand, and misdirection to fool and entertain others will never get old. Being able to pull off magic tricks can be a great addition to your repertoire of skills.

The age-old art of magic is a great way to make a first impression and to be the fun of the party. It is also a lot easier than you think.

There are tonnes of quick tricks you can learn in minutes that will impress any audience.

7. Card Tricks (Cardistry)

Although card tricks form a large part of mainstream magic, cardistry is its own thing.

The art of card flourishing is meant to be visually impressive and appear very hard to execute, and not necessarily to fool or deceive like magic attempts to do.

Cardistry is all about the small, often simple, tricks that make people say “Wow!” If the idea of impressing someone with card tricks sounds interesting to you, then grab a deck of cards at your local dollar store.

8. Debating

Debating is the process of discussing opinions and topics with people who hold an opposing view.

Open and honest debate is the best way to advance opinions and develop concepts. It helps you think out of the box and critically analyze every situation, develop a problem-solving attitude, and become a careful listener and a better researcher.

Like public speaking, debating teaches you the art of persuasion by improving your communication skills and self composure.

If you want to improve your debate skills, just find someone to discuss your opinions with. Ideally, you will both come out learning something new.

9. Podcasting

If you have ever dreamed of having your own radio show, you are in luck! Not only is podcasting like having a radio show, but the medium reaches far more people than an actual radio.

Podcasts can be discussions, interviews, monologues or any other kind of speech or structured conversation.

If you have something to share with the world, all you have to do is grab some recording equipment — even your phone will do — and hit record. It’s really that easy to get started.

12 Pets And Animal Hobbies For Men

Animal Hobbies For Men - Giant Ape

Some men have a strong passion for animals. These hobbies involve animals in some way, and we tried to come up with something for everyone.

Let us know if any of the entries surprise you.

1. Horse Riding

Riding horses is one of the oldest and most enduring forms of animal-human bonding.

Taming such a majestic beast into letting you ride it like the wind is one of the most primal and exhilarating experiences anyone can have.

The biggest downside of this hobby is that owning and caring for a horse can be very expensive.

If you are determined to give horse riding a try, we suggest you practice with a horse at a stable near you, and with an experienced rider.

2. Falconry

Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in their natural state and habitat using a trained bird of prey (e.g. a falcons, eagles, hawks). Does a hobby get any more manly than this?

It might not be the most popular hobby out there, nor one of the easiest, but falconry is a classic male pursuit that animal lovers and hunting aficionados will especially like.

To begin your training, find yourself a big leather glove and a willing raptor. Also get a trainer while you’re at it.

3. Beekeeping

Having to put up with thousands of irate bees trying to sting you isn’t exactly the idea of fun for most people, but think about the free honey.

Although a rarely-practiced hobby, beekeeping can be incredibly fun and lucrative.

You can sell your honey in local markets for a pretty penny, sell beeswax, and even offer pollination services if you become good enough at the craft.

4. Bird Watching

How is watching birds any fun, especially when compared to Falconry, one might wonder? Well, it’s a great way to spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Often combined with camping and hiking, bird watching is also an excellent way to learn about many different species of animals in their natural environment.

Best of all, it’s a cheap and relatively simple hobby. All you have to do is get a pair of binoculars and look at some birds.

5. Whale, Dolphin Watching

If you like watching animals but are more fond of marine life, whale and dolphin watching might just fit the bill.

You could sit at the beach or head out onto the high seas to find yourself a pod of dolphins or some whales.

Both are amazing creatures, and observing them in their natural element is a good way to spend your free time.

6. Dog Training

Dogs are man’s best friend and it would be sacrilege not to mention them on a list of hobbies for men. They are an iconic part of human history.

But as much as we love our dogs, there are probably times you wish your canine companion was better behaved. Luckily, you can always train a dog to be more obedient.

If you ever get good enough at dog training, you can offer your services or attend one of those dog shows.

7. Keep Fish, Have An Aquarium

Did you know that staring at fish can reduce your blood pressure, stress, and even make you fall asleep faster?

If you want to spend hours staring at interesting marine creatures, but don’t have the time or energy to leave the comfort of your home, then having a small fish tank or — if you’ve got the money — a saltwater aquarium might be perfect for you.

With a well-maintained saltwater aquarium that sustains a teeming ecosystem of exotic fish and otherworldly coral, it will be like watching an underwater documentary without turning on the TV.

8. Ant-Keeping

Ant-keeping is the hobby of taking care of a live colony of ants in an ant-farm (formicarium).

Ant-keeping may not be as rewarding as beekeeping — there is no free honey — but it is still fascinating.

At least you don’t have to worry about thousands of irate ants trying to bite you to death.

9. Animal Rescuing

This one is for the true blue animal lovers out there.

For men who have an overabundance of empathy for unfortunate animals, volunteering to help rescue animals will surely be a source of instant gratification.

You can even consider setting up a sanctuary for them if you have the time, money, and land.

10. Farming Animals

If you are a true animal lover, you probably detest factory farming and the poor way some conventional farms treat their livestock. Ever considered farming your own animals?

Think about it, your chickens will be fed well and allowed to roam free, rewarding you with highly nutritious eggs.

Sheep can be groomed and cared for, rewarding you with wool to make clothes from, while cows can be led to pasture and milked humanely.

11. Taxidermy

Taxidermy has a creepy reputation and involves working with dead animals, but you don’t have to be some kind of psychopath to like it.

In fact, a lot of people who take up taxidermy as a job or hobby actually have a deep love for the animals they work on, and carry out their work with respect and reverence.

Taxidermy is the closest For most people will ever get to immortalizing a pet they love dearly.

12. Terrarium Making

A terrarium is a collection of small, decorative plants that are grown in an enclosed environment, such as in a glass container.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden, and even those who do sometimes wish they had an indoor garden. Fortunately, making terrarium is a viable solution.

You can always let your green thumb shine by taking up terrarium making as a hobby.

6 Hobbies For Men Who Love Cars And Bikes

Fast Supercar Concept
A man’s love for cars makes racing, building and collecting cars very compelling hobbies.

SEE: 10 Reasons Why Every Man Is A Car Enthusiast At Heart

In our article 10 Reasons Why Every Man Is A Car Enthusiast At Heart, we unraveled the longstanding mystery of why men love cars. Long story short, men develop a personal relationship with their cars because they perceive them as an extension of themselves.

Moreover, cars and other vehicles like motorcycles deliver a sense of power, freedom, and adventure.

While it is true that a car lover will probably want to own one or two prized cars, there are other ways to fulfill your passion for motorized vehicles. Here are some hobbies or past-times that any car enthusiast would enjoy.

1. Car Racing

Are you a big fan of car racing? Do you like to watch videos of the famous race car drivers? Perhaps you are obsessed with fast cars and motorcycles and envision yourself racing one?

If speed is your medicine, then auto racing is a hobby with your name written all over it. To get started, decide the sector you want to race in and find out the type of vehicle required.

Participating in some high end racing sectors could mean paying anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 or more for a qualifying vehicle, but some of the more affordable racing categories just ask you to pay entry fee and let you use their cars.

If you own a fast sports car or supercar that you feel compelled to drive fast, take it to a track and wear the right safety gear. Don’t become a statistic.

2. Motorcycling

Motorcycling is a lifestyle to some and a hobby to others. If you fall in the latter category, it can be a more exhilarating and engaging experience than driving a car.

The roar of the engine, the visceral connection you have with the road, and the rush of adrenaline that fills your body when you whiz by motorists with nothing surrounding you but the beauty of the outdoors makes riding a motorcycle an experience of a lifetime.

Motorcycling is an expression of freedom, and one heck of a hobby for men who are accustomed to cruising in a four-wheeled steel container.

3. Offroading

There are few things as adrenaline-pumping and satisfying as conquering rough, rocky, uneven, muddy, and even hazardous terrain with your trusted vehicle.

Offroading is one of the manliest and most fun hobbies for men because it combines many of the things we love: cars, the outdoors, adventure, challenge, and a little danger.

Taking up off-roading as a hobby is as easy as stepping into an off-road capable vehicle, but mastering it is an entirely different story. There is a high likelihood of rolling, flipping, or even breaking your vehicle, but that’s just part of the fun for some guys.

4. Restoring Cars

Being a car enthusiast doesn’t require that you to shell out tons of money on a new car or a classic car that’s in good condition. You can always take whatever old car you can find and start working on it.

Even taking apart the car, cleaning the windows and interior, and learning about the different parts can be an enjoyable experience.

Taking a beat-up pile of metal and turning it into a shining, powerful restoration car will give you a much better appreciation for the cars you buy in the future.

5. Car Detailing

Auto detailing is the thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle’s exterior and interior to produce a show-quality cleanliness and polish.

You can detail an actual car in your garage or detail car models in your living room.

If you’re detailing as a hobby on real cars, be aware that it can be demanding on the body. Getting to hard-to-reach places of a vehicle will require a lot of bending and contouring your body in ways you never thought were possible.

6. Collecting Cars

Collecting cars is one of the most, if not the most, expensive hobbies for men. It involves either buying cars in good condition or buying them in poor condition and restoring them.

Some men collect cars out of passion for cars and their historical preservation, while others view it as a lucrative money making opportunity. There is no right or wrong way of going about it.

Whether you’re a serious car collector or just someone looking for some cool cars to tinker with, car collecting can be an exciting hobby.

6 Personal Finance Hobbies For Men

Man holding cash
As a man, you can benefit immensely from hobbies that help you master your money.

Can we all agree that growing your net worth is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there? It goes without saying that a man must master his money in order to be truly be free.

Most, if not all, of the hobbies on our list can potentially make you money with the right amount of skill, dedication, and entrepreneur hustle, but they are not necessarily something people do to improve their net worth.

If, however, you enjoy finding ways to make more money, save more money, and optimize your investments (who doesn’t, really?), then you will find great value in these personal finance hobbies for men who want financial freedom.

1. Optimize Your Finances

Whether you’re in a strong financial position or you need help getting out of debt, examining your finances and finding ways to make improvements will put you on a better financial footing, accelerate your journey towards financial freedom, and give you more peace of mind.

Am I spending too much money eating out? What can I do to pay off my debts quicker? Are there ways to make extra money? These are just some questions you will ask as you take more control over your money.

Optimizing your finances can be a fun game but also a chore. However, putting in the effort can produce some great results that will leave plenty of extra dollars in your pocket.

2. Investing In Stocks

For many people, investing in the stock market (trading stocks) is an extremely satisfying hobby.

Not only is there theoretically no limit to how much money you can make from a stock, but researching companies, gaining knowledge of how businesses interact with each other, and understanding their competitive nature, can actually be an eye-opening experience.

If done right — that is, with caution and sound investing strategies like diversification — investing in the stock market is potentially one of the best hobbies for men to get rich quickly.

But do yourself a big favor and don’t trade real money until you have traded for while using a demo account and gained an understanding of stock market dynamics.

3. Thrifting

Thrifting is the act of shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, vintage shops, or a charitable organization’s retail outlet in an effort to find cheap, secondhand items and interesting items other people might consider worthless.

These items could be clothes, food, furniture, electronics, art… anything, really.

For the frugal man, thrifting is an excellent way to save money and find vintage items. It can be addictive, though, so make sure to restrain yourself.

4. Taking Paid Surveys

There are many online survey sites that pay you in some way for participating in market research surveys. Just don’t expect to make a living from it.

The amount of money you get for your participation varies, but it’s often just a few cents per survey. In other words, you’re going to have to be a survey-taking machine to cover an expense even as small as your phone bill.

Even so, participating in online surveys as a hobby can be a productive way to spend your free time and make some extra money.

5. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a fairly simple concept to understand: Buy an item in one place, sell it for a higher price at another place, and pocket the profit.

It works because not everyone has the same set of information to work with, and not every item has the same value across different market segments.

Whether you’re buying things at your local Walmart to resell online or drop-shipping products that you never even touch, retail arbitrage can be easy, fun and shockingly lucrative.

6. Couponing

Have you seen any of those “Extreme Couponing” TV shows? They are about people who get a thrill from hunting for coupons, spending countless hours every week going through coupon clippings to figure out how to save money on the products the purchase.

You don’t have to go that extreme when you take on couponing as a hobby. Do it because you find it fun first and foremost.

Spending hours per week just so you can save a few dollars at the supermarket is probably not the best use of your time.

4 Fashion Hobbies For Men

Confident Bearded Man Wearing Suit
Spending some time to dress and look is one hobby that boosts confidence.

SEE: 15 Men’s Fashion, Style And Dress Tips For The Clueless Guy

Men’s fashion and grooming are more important today than ever, but despite this, there is an untold number of guys who either willingly neglect their appearance or are absolutely clueless about the world of fashion and grooming.

Dressing not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel good and instantly gain a huge boost of confidence.

These hobbies for guys will open your eyes to the interesting and rich world of fashion.

1. Dandyism

A dandy is a man who places high importance on his physical appearance, particularly his fashion, style, way of dressing, and grooming. He also devotes much of his time and energy to refining his language and overall demeanor.

As a dandy, you will feel good about yourself and will definitely get noticed when you take some time to look great and stand out.

Dandyism is a lifestyle — a way of living — and not just about fashion or clothes. It is one of the best hobbies for men to present themselves as best as possible to the world.

2. Competitive Beard Grooming

Having an epic beard is the ultimate symbol of masculinity, making growing a beard one of the manliest hobbies for men to pursue.

Did you know that there is such a thing as competitive bearding? Yup, growing and designing an awesome beard is not only an impressive hobby, but it’s also now a sport.

Seriously, research the World Beard and Moustache Championships, and see if you have what it takes to claim top honors for the most formidable facial hair.

3. Shoe Collecting

Who said women are the only ones who can love shoes?

All men should have a few pair of decent shoes in their wardrobe, one for every occasion. And while some would argue that a man doesn’t need more than five pairs of shoes, there are those who have a burning appreciation for footwear.

Sneakerheads come to mind. A sneakerhead is a man who admires, collects, or even trades sneakers as a hobby.

If you’re a man who loves shoes, don’t be ashamed. Own it!

4. Tie Collecting

For some men, especially the filthy rich ones, it’s all about collecting cars. For others, it’s collecting watches or shoes.

And then there are those men who collect ties. Do you like ties?

Men’s fashion and style trends come and go, but the necktie is timeless. They are the epitome of masculinity in clothing, making tie collecting one of the manliest hobbies for men.

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Kwame Owusu is a personal development coach and the founder of Too Manly. He holds an MBA from a top business school and is committed to helping men all around the world look, feel and live the prime of their life.



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