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Nowak’s Classic House Is Simple And Elegant Yet Substantial



Minimlist Classic House Nowak

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A minimalist house that’s simple yet substantial.

3D artist and signer Michal Nowak’s has released Classic House, a pleasing look at the simplicity of what a house can be.

The house almost looks like it came out of a Lego set, with its upper half featuring rows of what appears to be stacked cinder blocks or possibly some sort of synthetic shale laid over a concrete wall.

In fact, unlike other house, it doesn’t use eaves, with the roof beginning where the walls end and extendting out past them.

The dearth of windows on the second floor — there are only two windows at the front and rear — is contrasted by a first floor open living room that’s surrounded by glass walls, and opening the doors reveals a stark white interior that nicely offsets the grey-black exterior. An entrance way extends outwards from the front, camouflaging the glass walls of the interior hallway.

A sidewalk that appears to be made from white marble circumnavigates the house, adding even more contrast to the house’s darker hues. What else could you want in a house?

Even if just a concept, it is a tastefully-designed house that we think will appear to many people. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Minimlist Classic House side

Minimlist Classic House back

Minimlist Classic House side angle

Minimlist Classic House rear

Minimlist Classic House backyard patio

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