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Quotes For Men

Manly Quotes: The Power Of “I Can”



I Can Quote for men

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“Think and speak the words ‘I Can’… and you will.”

To paraphrase chapter 14 of Raymond Holliwell’s book ‘Working With the Law‘, the positive mental attitude of the man who thinks he can in contrast with the negative attitude of the man who thinks he can’t is practically the only difference between the one who succeeds and the one who fails.

The former learns the truth and discovers he can do things. This iidea liberates his sleeping energies and stirs them in to activity, thrilling him with the desire to advance and inspiring him to get things done. He moves into success.

Some men, however, have the mindset that as they are, so they must remain. They believe that god has cast them into a fixed mold and that what little ability or power they possess is all they can hope or wish for in this life, so they languish.

Scientific research into the mysteries of the human mind has revealed that what is possible in one mind is possible in another. The same human faculties and cultivated powers of the great and successful are possible in all minds, with the only real difference being the degree of development and not the kind of mind it is.

Which man are you? Which man do you want to be?

Begin now to take a superior view of yourself, your life and circumstances. As you mentally perceive the better and greater, you will consciously and unconsciously reach out for the better and greater.

Let your thoughts, desires, words, and mental actions gradually become filled with the spirit of progress, and watch your faculties become stronger and your powers increase.

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