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Fight Club Like You Never Knew It, A Red Pill Review



Fight Club

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As one of 1999’s trifecta of movie classics alongside American Beauty and The Matrix, Fight Club is one of the most controversial and talked-about films of all time, and for good reason.

On the surface, or at least to the average moviegoer, Fight Club comes across as nothing more than a test-fueled slugfest and senseless violence, but it goes a lot deeper than even you probably even thought.

It shows the struggles a man undergoes when swallowing the proverbial red pill, notably the denial and fear he experiences from straying from the beaten path — the course society has created for him to follow.

An Ear for Men’s Paul Elam described Fight Club as “an amazingly multi-layered story with a choppy shifting timeline and a lot of moving parts. It is so rich in metaphors and complex analogies that it can easily merit a dissertation.”

He provides an in-depth review from a Red Pill perspective, pointing a large spotlight on the vast difference between the story the tellers wanted to tell and what they actually told. It’s Fight Club Like You Never Knew It, but Fight Club like you should know it.

I think you will agree after watching his multi-part, highly-illuminating video review…

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