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Here’s Why Woman Today Can’t Find A Good Man



Waiting for Perfect Man

In today’s frighteningly gynocentric, solipsist and downright feminized society, you still have way too many uppity women asking “Why I Can’t Find A Good Man?”

The answer should be painfully obvious, considering that we have been in this mess for decades now and there is a mountain of solid answers from many no-nonsense men and women that see things for what they are.

One such woman asked YouTuber Paul Proteus that same question, and he didn’t hold back the punches, spitting the truth with so much humor and wisdom that it probably sent her into early menopause.

The sad but inescapable truth is that women today have stratospheric standards and just aren’t reflective enough to ponder what they’re truly demanding and what they’re bringing to the table in turn, failing to realize that their vagina, problems and complaints just don’t cut it, nor their “me, me, me!” attitude.

Paul says it best — listen to his rebuttal and let us know if you agree with his points in the comments section below.

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