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What, Hodor From Game Of Thrones Is A DJ?



Game of Thrones is loved for its memorable characters, most of whom — unfortunately — have died horribly. While not necessarily the most prominent character in the show, Hodor has undoubtedly become an absolute cult favorite.

Hodor’s huge, bulging stature and limited vocabulary seemed entirely fictional, but he’s not CGI. Regardless, his character conceptualizing certainly struck a chord with people who found his often calm and gentle demeanor and fierce Stark loyalty sweet yet comedic in a show that can best be described as dark and bleak.

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However (spoiler alert), in Season 6 Hodor’s loyalty cost him his life. He sacrifices himself to buy sometime for his young friend and lord, Bran Stark, to escape from the Undead.

Here’s the scene for those who want to relive the brutal, almost tear-jerking scene:

Yes, Hodor the character is dead, but the Northern Irish actor that played him, Kristian Nairn, is still alive and kicking and seems to be living life to the fullest. You probably would never have guessed what he’s been up to.

Bit of a teaser from last night @creamibizaofficial @amnesiaibiza . Thanks to @jakedldn for the camera skillz <3

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on

Yup, that’s Nairn DJ’ing at Amnesia in Ibiza, and he looks pretty damn good at it. The partygoers at least seem to be impressed, hopefully not only because he’s ‘Hodor from Game of Thrones.’

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