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You Probably Wouldn’t Want To Sleep With This Girl



What would you do if you were alone with this girl and she asked you take her? If you’re one of those guys who wouldn’t think twice about obliging, I would advise you to keep your pants up. She’s hiding a secret, and it’s a big.

No, she doesn’t have AIDS, nor is she some sort of sadist who castrates every man she sleeps with. I don’t even think she’s capable of any of that, but there is something clearly off about her.

She’s not a real woman. No, she’s not a tranny either.

She’s an android — cold and soulless.

Now, I don’t consider myself a technosexual — that is, someone who’s attracted to robots — but she’s so lifelike that many a man wouldn’t think twice before sticking it to her.

Be honest, were you attracted to her before realizing she was a robot? No need to be ashamed — you wouldn’t be the only one, seeing as hundreds if not thousands of horny men on social media have expressed their love for her.

She’s officially called the AP700 and she was designed for the Tokyo Game Show. What name would you give her, and would you do anything with her even knowing she’s a robot?

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