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Deaf Hugh Hefner Chose Sex Over Hearing, Would You?



Hugh Hefner passed away at the ripe and fruitful old age of 91, but he will be remembered my millions for Playboy Magazine, which he founded more than 60 years ago with $600 of his own money and $1,000 borrowed from his mother.

As a playboy himself, he was also known for his more than active lifestyle. But like many men way passed their prime, he had to pop more than his fair share of Viagra in order to maintain his banging lifestyle. This unfortunately left him with a serious side effect.

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Viagra has been linked to sudden sensorineural hearing loss, and this made Heff almost completely deaf, a fact Karissa and Kristina Shannon, two of his lovers, revealed in a 2016 interview with The Sun.

But — hey! — who cares about perfectly functioning ears? Heff was completely okay with his loss of hearing, telling the duo that he’d rather maintain his sex life than his hearing.

Karissa and Kristina said:

“You have to lean down and talk into his good ear for him to understand you.

We could sit right next to him and he wouldn’t have a clue what we said…

He said he would rather have sex than have his hearing.”

Considering the guy is known for having sex with an extraordinary number of women, you’d think he’d get bit tired of it, at least more so than hearing.

That of course begs the question: Would trade your hearing for sex? Better yet, which one of your senses would you sacrifice for the deed, if any? Let us know in the comments section below.

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