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Women Can Finally Drive In Saudi Arabia!



It has finally happened — Women in Saudi Arabia can finally drive!

Granted women in Saudi Arabia were never exactly banned from driving, they weren’t issued driver’s license and faced severe punishment if caught manning a vehicle, punishment such as being detained for days or even months, or sentenced to lashings.

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Women bold enough to oppose the law as form of protest or out of desperation have lost their passport and / or job.

Speaking with Times Colonist, Prince Khaled bin Salman said giving Saudi women the right to drive is “a huge step forward” and that now “is the right time to do the right thing.”

The move might seem like a no-brainer to you and I, but consider that some influential Saudi clerics who previously campaigned vigorously against letting women drive actually argued that — try not to laugh — driving reduces their fertility by hurting their ovaries.

If driving does that to a woman’s ovaries, I shudder to think what it does to a man’s testicles.

Fortunately, the clerics eventually reached a consensus that Islam doesn’t specifically ban women from operating a car.

As a car enthusiast, I dream of a world where everyone has the opportunity to freely experience the joy of driving. The fact that women in Saudi Arabia can finally drive should make their lives a lot easier and improve the country’s productivity.

Do you have any objections?

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