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Are You Crazy Enough To Have Your Hair Set On Fire in Gaza?



You’ll have to be doubly crazy to get a haircut from Ramadan Odwan. Not only is his barbershop situated in Gaza (a virtual warzone!), but he also dries your hair with fire from a blowtorch!

While Odwan is by no means the first stylist in the world to straighten hair with fire, he is the only one who does so in the Gaza Strip. He revealed to Reuters in an interview:

“People have gone crazy about it, many people are curious to go through the experience and they are not afraid. People here love adventures.”

Go figure…

Fire haircut barber, blowtorch
His technique is simple really: apply a secret ‘protective’ liquid coating to a customer’s hair before lighting it on fire with a small blowtorch. No ifs or buts from anybody…

“I control how long I apply fire, I keep it on and off for 10 seconds or 15 seconds. It is completely safe and I have not encountered any accident since I started it two months ago.”

Odwan has been a barber for over 18 years. Ask him why he uses fire to style hair and he’ll say it’s to show that Palestinian barbers are as “professional as those out there around the world.”

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