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New Beauty And The Beast Movie Gets Final Trailer



I’m not into romance movies, even the iconic Disney animations, but even I can’t help but to be impressed by what little we have seen of the new Beauty and the Beast.

As a real-life adaptation of a cartoon, the film looks to stay true to the nineties Disney classic, even down to the name. It stars Emma Watson as Belle, a modern girl who is bored of her small-town life and irritated by the unwanted advances of douchebag hunter Gaston (Luke Evans).

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Her life is turned on its head when her beloved father, Maurice (Kevin Kline), goes missing and she tracks him down to an enchanted castle ruled over by a cruel and selfish Beast (Dan Stevens).

Same story but with the shine of 2st century presentation, so we you probably know how the rest goes…

Beauty and the Beast is directed by Bill Condon, the demented mind behind Twilight, and his aim was to refashion all the classic characters from the original film for a new audience without sacrificing what made them special and memorable. This includes staying true to the original music while adding several new tracks.

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