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This Is How Much Sex You Should Be Having Every Week



Any sex is better than no sex, right? After all, for the non-religious fanatic crowd, there is a common belief that sex is good for you. So, just how much sex should you be having?

According to a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, people should have as much as they want whenever they want and shouldn’t adhere to unrealistic expectations of sexual proclivity.

For couples, weekly sex is said to be enough to maintain both personal happiness and closeness in the relationship.

Amy Muise, the University of Toronto Mississauga sex and romance researcher behind the study, explained her findings in an interview with The Huffington Post, stating:

“In general, it is important to maintain a sexual connection with a romantic partner, but it is also important to have realistic expectations for one’s sex life, given that many couples are busy with work and responsibilities.

Our research suggests that engaging in regular sex is associated with happiness, but it is not necessary, on average, for couples to aim to engage in sex as frequently as possible.”

Muise and her team arrived at that conclusion after examining three surveys that were carried out over several decades and consisted of 25,000 couples.

The main takeaway from this study, if you ask me, is to have as much sex as your busy life allows. Just make sure that it’s safe sex and that no one gets hurt.

Are you happy with the amount of sex you’re having with your partner?

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