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First Guardian of the Galaxy 2 Trailer Does Bro Talk Right




The first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has dropped, and it features one of the funniest bro-talks I have ever heard.

The trailer features just about every major character you’ve come to expect from the series, including Yondu and Nebula, but the part that will probably have you laughing is near the end, when Drax gives Star-Lord some unsolicited advice on finding the right girl.

Check it out and let us know if it tickled your funny bone …

Directed by James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 stars Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Michael Rooker (Yondu), Kurt Russell (Ego), Bradley Cooper (Rocket Racoon), and Vin Diesel (Groot). It releases in North America on April 25, 2017.

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