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Top Family Off-Road Summer Trips



Jeep Wrangler Off-Roading

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Whoever said off-roading isn’t a great idea for a family getaway needs to reconsider what it means to have fun. After all, there is only so much Disney world, amusement parks, trips to the beach and other mundane adventures a family can endure.

If you are an off-road enthusiast that wants to take the family out into the wilds and show them the pure joy of adrenaline, we have a couple of places you should check out in the United States. Just make sure you own a 4×4 vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler, which can be found at local dealers like Springfield Jeep in Pennsylvania, and have some some off-roading experience under your belt.

It’s worth pointing out that just owning a Jeep doesn’t make it a true off-roading machine. You really need to look into a lift and other parts to make sure it is fitted properly to take on challenging terrain.

If you want to brush up on your off-roading, we recommend checking out some local Jeep clubs, or 4×4 clubs.

That out of the way, let’s take a look at a couple of places you should consider taking your family:

Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan

Literally designed to be an amusement park for families, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan is the best choice for your crew and offers great 4×4 trail riding and lodging. There are variety of places to eat and shop and ongoing events to take part in.

So if you are looking to include your family in some off-roading adventure, the Sand Dunes in MI should be top on your list.

Catskill Mountains | Hunter Mountain NY

Hunter Maintain in New York, which is part of the Catskill Mountains in the Northeast region, is a great second option for anyone looking for a great family off-roading andventure. There is a lot for you and the family to do beyond just riding the trails, including a ziplining, spending time on the canopy trails, golfing, and taking in the incredible foliage.

Hunter Maintain in New York is an ultimate, all-encompassing wilderness escape.

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