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ISIS Bans Burkas Because They’re A ‘Security Risk’



ISIS bans Burka

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Pigs are flying — while many social justice warriors continue to fight many westeren governments to make wearing a burka a right, ISIS of all organizations has banned the practice in certain areas because they pose a security risk.

The international terror group labeled women in burkas as a security threat in the northern Iraq city of Mosul after a number of its members, including commanders, were killed by fully-covered women.

It wasn’t long ago that ISIS was beating and even killing those women who refused to wear a burka, so this is a rather major change of heart.

According to Iran Front Page, women are still expected to abide by the strict dress code outside of Mosul’s security centers; however, if the liberation of the Syrian city of Manbij is anything to go by, they most certainly can’t wait to burn their burkas once ISIS is defeated.

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