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There’s A Mattress Made For Cuddling



That’s right, apparently, people love snuggling so much that one company saw it fit to make a mattress designed to make cuddling less cumbersome and much, much more convenient.

Aptly called the Cuddle Mattress, the innovative bedroom product might be the Holy Grail to an age-old problem, promising a night of cuddling without risking the much-dreaded dead arm.

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The mattress is made up of a single foam block central portion for the body, flanked by ten slats on each end that allow for arms and feet to slide in.

Three-inch wide, the slats easily separate from one another, leaving enough room to fit and maintain an arm beneath a partner.

According to its designer, the Cuddle Mattress could strengthen relationships by letting partners remain cuddled together. What do you think?

Is spooning even spooning without a dead arm and the occasional awkward boner? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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