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Would You Pay $50,000 For One Date With Margot Robbie?



Sexy Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie was already a public figure before her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad, but it was those two movies that have made her a sensation. There are many men (and women) out there who will give an arm and a leg just to have one date with her.

Are you one of those men? If so, just how much money are you willing to spend to take Robbie on a night out?

Interestingly, a strange new study from the United Kingdom has found that the average man wouldn’t hesitate to throw more than $50,000 at her. $54,838, to be exact… Surprised?

Margot Robbie, Wolf on Wallstreet

The beautiful Suicide Squad and Wolf of Wall Street star (she’s Australian, you know) clearly has members of the opposite sex swooning over her. However, the study was part of a wider study on the monetary value people would put on a number of priceless situations, including a date with her.

Apparently, men are also willing to pay $198,198 to have naturally good teeth, $204,706 to be super intelligent, $168,840 for perfect skin, $208,266 to be better looking, and $252,549 to be more confident.

How much would you spend on each of those traits?

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