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Creepy Game Lets You Silence Donald Trump, Rip Out His Heart



Operate on Donald Trump game

Described as the anti-Christ incarnate, Donald Trump has many haters, so much so that someone has created a creepy game the lets you silence his obscene mouth and rip out his heart.

Developed by Bossa Studios, Surgeon Simulator is for amateur surgeons who want to ‘Make America Great Again’ — virtually, that is — by operating on the man who believes there could never be enough torture, that killing civilians is more than OK, and that having the Mexicans pay for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is a sound, feasible idea.

The game’s discerption reads:

“In this new update for the darkly humorous Surgeon SImulator game, as a would-be surgeon taking life into your own shaky hands, you perform a heart transplant on Donald Trump to cast your election vote.

Is Trump a Gold-Hearted Hero or a Stone Hearted Villain? You decide!”

To make things even more interesting, you can also apply makeup and add some Trump vodka and/or Trump steak during the procedure.

You beat Surgeon Simulator by successfully giving the Donald a heart transplant, using incredibly awkward controls. The question is can you save him? Would you even if you could? Just look at him…

Donald Trump making faces

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