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One-Year-Old Boy Goes Through Puberty, Has Sexual Urges



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Puberty is an arduous time for any teenager, so we can imagine how doubly uncomfortable it must be for the one-year-old boy in India who hit puberty a bit too early, growing facial and body hair.

According to Hindustan Times, not only did the young boy’s voice break, but he also began to experience ‘sexual urges’ despite barely being a year old.

His concerned parents took him to doctor in Delhi, where he was diagnosed with a rare condition called ‘precocious puberty’.

Young boy holding mother's hand

In an interview with the publication, his mother said:

“We thought maybe he was just a big baby, so we did not take him to the doctor. But by the time he was one, it was apparent there was something wrong.

My mother-in-law, who has taken care of several children in the family, also said that his growth seemed unnatural. That is when we took him to the doctor.”

The condition is extremely rare, with only one case appearing roughly every ten years. Puberty can be incredibly traumatic for young adults, let alone for a one-year-old child who is unable to express his feelings or quite understand what is happening to them.

Doctor at hospital

Dr Vaishakhi Rustagi from Max Super Speciality Hospital had the following to say:

“His testosterone levels were exceptionally high – as high as that of a 25-year-old, because of which he had started experiencing physical changes.

Since he was so young, he was not able to understand what was happening. He would experience sexual urges too.”

Apparently, children with the condition become violent if they are not treated, considering that the physical changes (i.e. increase in testosterone) are not suitable for their age. Moreover, they will stop growing after a few years and remain about 3-4 feet tall.

The young boy’s parent and doctor hope he will make a recovery as a result receiving injections that block the effects of the excessive hormones on his body.

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