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Top 10 Car Options Dealers Offer When Buying New



2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition

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Considering that cars are one of the most expensive items people buy in their lifetime, the last thing anyone wants is to be haggled with dealership options.

Not all dealer options are useless, however, and even though they could add a lot to the costs of your vehicle purchase, the sales staff at Paul Conte Chevrolet of Freeport, NY tell us that you can easily roll their price into your monthly payments if you have a loan on your car.

Here are some add-ons you should consider…

Performance Upgrades

If you like your drives to be fun and visceral, some dealers will be more than happy to add authorized performance accessories to your vehicle. Many mainstream automaker shave performance divisions that make parts like brake kits, custom exhausts, lowering springs, and spoilers.

The best part is that you can get these parts installed at the dealer and have the cost tacked onto your monthly financing plan.

Seasonal Floor Mats

Factory floor mats are designed specifically for your car. Floor mats that are good for every season are generally expensive but are very nice to have, so unless money is tight, splurge on a genuine set and you will be glad you did.


If you live in an area that snows a lot, it’s smart to get a second set of seasonal tires.

A good time to negotiate a second set of tires with rims is when you’re purchasing the car. For those who live in a garage-less building, some dealerships may offer to store your tires so you do not have to worry about where to put them.

Rust Proofing

While new cars feature galvanized steel to help protect against rust, drivers who live in snowy areas may want to consider having rust-proofing done.

Speak to your dealer about this — they will often give you a great price on their brand of rust proofing protection so that you may worry less about winter salt.

Paint Protection

A paint protection package is almost always only a professional waxing, making it an unnecessary feature to have. However, it might be worth the money if you can get a good deal.

A wax coating on your vehicle serves as additional protectant between your car’s new paint and harmful elements that cause rust, elements such as the sun’s UV rays.


Did you know that you can fill your tire with nitrogen gas instead of regular air? The draw is that, as an inert gas, nitrogen is very stable and doesn’t react with the tire rubber. Nitrogen gas also doesn’t leak as much as typical air so tires stay inflated to the proper pressure for a longer period of time.

Should you get tires that can have nitrogen gas in them?  If you can get a great price from your dealership, go for it.

Extended Warranty

If your car has warranty, chances are that its most expensive components are covered. Many pundits state that extended warranties on new cars are unnecessary but that should be left to the car buyer to decide.

One exception is when buying a used car, generally have quite a lot of mileage on them. Purchasing an extended warranty could be a nice way to reduce your risk of something breaking down the road.


If you want your car to have some visual flair like pin stripes or other graphics, your best bet is to get it done at the dealership. If they are factory supplied graphics, your dealership probably has the best experience applying them, insuring a high-quality appearance.

Anti-Theft Alarms

Many new cars can be equipped with an anti-theft system from the factory so that you don’t have to install one yourself. However, if the car you’re considering doesn’t have an alarm, and if you must have one (insurance companies seem to love them), have the dealer install it.

There are many third party installers who will do it for cheaper, but there is a good chance that your dealer will do a better job since they know the vehicle better.

Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra

A clear bra is a film that protect your car’s paint from flying debris. These are non-invasive and also tend to be pretty durable.

Depending on cost, these might be a nice feature to have your dealer apply to your car. No one likes stone chips.

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