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Top 5 Reasons Why People Avoid Buying Certain Cars



Just ask a veteran car salesperson like those at East Hills Chevrolet of Douglaston, NY, about what he or she has seen through the years and you’re likely to hear many stories — some good; some bad. Some drivers are flexible when choosing and buying a car, while others are picky.

Recently, J.D. Power and Associates published their 2016 U.S. Auto Avoider Study, which examines the reasons consumers purchase or reject certain car models, and the results are interesting, to say the least.

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Although the decision on what car to buy is a personal one, there are generally a few areas of consideration that determine what people end up getting. Here are the top five reasons why car shoppers avoid certain cars:

5) Don’t Like the Vehicle’s Image

Of those surveyed by J.D. Power, 16 percent said they didn’t like the image a certain vehicle gives off.  If a consumer buys a Toyota Prius, for example, they’re sending a signal that they are a tree-hugging environmentalist with liberal, if not progressive, views. Buying a Corvette possibly means he or she is a YOLO moment.

Is there are car that, for the life of you, can never see yourself driving?

4) The Car is Too Expensive

Some 17 percent of car shoppers said they avoided buying a car simply because it cost too much, which isn’t surprising considering that buyers generally have a set maximum amount of money they are willing to spend on anything in a given segment.

While this figure might sometime have some wiggle room, few buyers are swayed far from it.

3) Feel They’re Not Buying A Dependable Vehicle

Car shoppers have increasingly become more obsessed with dependability and, specifically, how much they might have to spend on car repairs. To some prospective buyers, dependability might be the most important attribute of a vehicle, and approximately 17 percent of those surveyed in the 2016 JD Powers study cited perceived reliability as the main reason for avoiding a car.

Those manufacturers that have something to boast about publicize their vehicles’ reliability; however, it’s up to prospective consumer if they will purchase the vehicle or not.

2) Don’t Like the Interior

Vehicle buyers are very “interior sensitive,” which is understandable considering that you spend a lot of your time inside your car.

Since car owners spend lots of time driving every week, the interior needs to be just right, making things like tech features, color choice, and seat material and comfort (e.g. leather or cloth) very important.  Whatever the predilection, 18 percent of shoppers avoided a certain car because the interior just didn’t appeal to them.

1) Don’t Like Exterior Look or Design

As with interior design and features, shoppers avoid certain cars because they just don’t like the exterior design. According to the JD Power study, 31 percent of car shoppers rejected a vehicle simply because they didn’t like the way it looked.

It’s long been known that a car’s design is generally the number one reason why people buy or avoid certain cars, which is why car designers pour a lot of time and money into the look of their vehicles.

The Pontiac Aztec is a good example of a vehicle few people wanted because of its controversial design, often earning it a top spot on many lists of the ugliest vehicles ever. The latest Toyota Prius may soon join it

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