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Top Gear Hosts Discuss Name Of New Show in Funny Teaser



Gear Knobs host

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In case you’ve been living in under a rock, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have left Top Gear to host ‘Gear Knobs’, a new car show from Amazon Video.

The name ‘Gear Knobs’ is catchy but somewhat self-deprecating, if you ask me, and as it turns out, coming up with it was difficult. A new promotional video released by the company pokes fun at the process and features the ex-Top Gear hosts bickering about what to call the show.

As fans of the trio would expect, the three motor mouths all have their own ideas on what the best name is and some of those ideas are just downright ridiculous. What the hell is ‘Auto-mates’?

‘Gear Knobs’ is catchy, but not has catchy ‘Top Gear’, don’t you agree? What would have called the show?

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