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This App Lets You Retract Drunk Texts Before They’re Read



Drunk Text message

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We’ve all done it. You know, sending a drunk text message 3:00 am in the morning to someone erroneously. Sometimes, the text gets you in trouble, while other times it’s hilarious. Either way, you probably wish you never sent it.

Fortunately, there is a new app that now lets you retract those embarrassing, often regrettable texts and photos.

Called ‘Privates’, it combines messaging with industrial-strength encryption and comes with a handful of security features that include screenshot protection, self-destructive messages and, of course, a message recall feature that allows users to retract unintentionally sent messages.

Love drinking? This is the app for you! Accidentally sending a photo to the wrong person should no longer make your heart stop. Just press the recall button and watch it get deleted, assuming it was never opened on the recipient’s.

Best of all, Privates is completely free, but only on the App Store. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android users.

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