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Akuma Brings Hadoken and Raging Demon to Tekken 7



Akuma in Tekken 7

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Akuma, one of the most badass and manly characters ever to grace the fighting genre, has made the migration from Street Fighter to Tekken, receiving a full 3D treatment that does his badassery true justice.

You’d think Akuma’s iconic moves would look less stylish after making the transition from 2D to a more realistic 3D setting, but that isn’t the case. The team behind Tekken 7: Fated Retribution (Namco) made sure everything cool about him remained intact.

He plays much more like a Street Fighter character than you would expect, especially when considering fireballs are uncommon in Tekken. He also brings to the fight his trademark Raging Demon, Tatsu and Shoryuken.

Watch Akuma in action in Tekken 7 and let us know what you think about his inclusion in the 3D fighting game.

Are you happy with the way he turned out? Are you more likely to buy Tekken 7 because he’s in it?

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