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Dying Granny Shreds Over $1 Million So Family Doesn’t Get it



Granny middle finger

It hurts just thinking about it, but imagine if your grandmother shredded over $1 million dollar so that you and your family members don’t inherit it… I mean, she must really hate your guts to do something like that, right?

One family in Austria didn’t have to imagine, because that’s exactly what happened to them. Granny shredded €1.1 million ($1.18 million) of her own money to prevent them from getting it when she died.

Well, she’s now dead and you can bet her relatives were devastated after seeing all her cash and savings books cut up on her bed.

Shredded Euro Bills

Fortunately for them, in Austria, if they can prove the origin of the money, it will be replaced by the country’s national bank. If…

After all her hard work to prevent her family from inheriting her fortune, poor ol’ granny must be turning in her grave after hearing that!

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