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Here’s Why Your Dogs Tilt His Heads When Listening To You



Puppy tilting head

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It’s enough to warm anyone’s heart, but have you ever wondered why your dog tilts his head whenever listening to you? While many cynics believe it’s a canine trick to get whatever they want, scientists think otherwise.

According to The Huffington Post, researchers have discovered that thousands of years of domestication has allowed dogs to empathise with humans in ways no other animals can, picking up on our emotions by reading the small signals given off by our body language. These include our facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice.

Isn’t that cute?

Whether you’re punishing them for destroying all your possessions or letting them know it’s time for a walk, doggie apparently tilts his/her head in order to pick up on your emotions. He’s trying to understand the word’s that are coming out of your mouth…

Other factors that the researchers suggest influences the ‘head tilt’ include dogs needing to adjust their ear to pinpoint the source of a sound, considering that their sense of sound isn’t anywhere as strong as our own.

You gotta love man’s best friend…

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