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Michael Jordan Makes Dramatic Video to Sell His $15M Mansion



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In an effort to sell his $15 million mansion, NBA star Michael Jordan made the most over-the-top, overly-dramatic video ad you can imagine, and it’s surprisingly not too shabby.

The Basketball legend didn’t hold back with the promotional piece, which essentially boasts just how much better his adobe is to everyone else’s…

Jordan’s mansion is damn ridiculous and seems to come with everything imaginable…

Interestingly, he has been trying to sell the impressive property since 2012 and seems to be getting desperate, so much so that the real estate agent responsible for it, Kofi Nartey, told Maxim that Jordan was willing to throw in “a pair of every edition of signature Air Jordans in the buyer’s size,” adding “If the price is right, we can make almost anything happen.”

Even more interesting, the actual price of the mansion is $14,855,000 — adding the individual digits together gets you 23, Jordan’s old jersey number when he was with the Chicago Bulls. Let’s hope that helps with his luck in finding a suitable buyer.

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