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Wesley Snipes is Ready to Kill Some Vampires in Blade 4



Black Vampire Blade movie

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Wesley Snipes is out of prison and ready to resume his vampire-hunting role in another Blade movie. The badass action star might be older, but we think he well do Blade 4 the justice it deserves.

According to a report, early signs of Snipes gearing up to reprise his lead role in a new Blade movie were “looking good.” After his stint in prison for tax evasion, we have no doubts he is dying to get back into the franchise that helped cement his reputation.

If it isn’t obvious, we loved the Blade movies, not only because of the solid story and amazing combat scenes, but also the passion Snipes showed on the big screen. Frankly, after watching him in action, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Marvel’s vampire-hunter, but Marvel could pull a 180 one and cast someone else. Let’s hope it doesn’t…

Snipes will reportedly make $3 million from Blade 4 and a portion of the film’s eventual profits, making it a lucrative project indeed.

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