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Women Who Have Never Had Sex Are Getting Pregnant Via ‘Virgin Births’



Virgin Pregnancy, IVF

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There is an interesting cultural phenomena currently taking place and it involves women who have never had sex getting pregnant. Yes, ‘Vergin Births’ are real and, thanks to advancements in vitro fertilization (IVF), are becoming more prevalent.

In the United Kingdom, in particular, around 25 virgin young women — all heterosexuals in their twenties — opted for IVF in the past five years, with the Daily Mail reporting that some felt they were ready for parenthood but didn’t want to wait around for Mr. Perfect, while others were scared of sex because of psychosexual reasons.

While a number of religious groups would want nothing more than a child being raised by both a mother and father, some doctors say many of the women who’ve undergone ‘virgin births’ are more financially and emotionally stable than single mothers left to bring up a child after exiting a difficult relationship.

Births via IVF are becoming increasingly popular in developed countries, with a survey carried out in 2013 revealing that one in every 200 women in the US reported becoming pregnant without having sex. Of these, 31 percent said they had signed a chastity agreement and 28 percent had parents who rarely spoke to them about sex or contraception.

That begs the question: Why would anyone sigh a chastity agreement and get pregnant without having sex? Isn’t that like going to a brothel and only asking for a hug?

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