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Watch Stupid Man Try to Kill Spider With Fire at Gas Station



Man kills spider with fire, gas station

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Of the many ways to kill a creepy spider, setting one on fire at a gas station must be the stupidest thing anyone can do. One man took the phrase “kill it! Kill it with fire!” a bit too far and almost caused an explosion.

The man in question was busy filling up his car in the state of Michigan, U.S.A, one night when he noticed a spider crawling across his gas tank. As an arachnophobic, he acted out of instinct, which in this case meant grabbing a cigarette lighter and trying to set the creepy crawly on fire.

As you would expect when you play with fire at a gas station, the area around him lights up scarily fast, prompting the gas station attendant to hit the emergency button to stop the gas from dispensing.

Check out the video below to see the dumb man’s absurd attempt to murder a spider in cold blood, and let us know what you think…

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