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Dwayne Johnson will Rock it as Black Adam in ‘Shazam’ Movie



Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson has said in the past that Black Adam is his all-time favorite comic-book character; now he will be playing as him in the upcoming DC movie Shazam. Talk about a dream come true…

The wrestler-turned-actor revealed the news via twitter, stating “‘Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot.’ My honor to become.”

We think Black Adam is a perfect fit for Johnson’s manly and confident persona. Hell bent on controlling the universe, the powerful, superman-esque villain will have to deal with Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam), the superhero alter-ego of young Billy Batson, before realizing his ambitions. But how evil will he really be, especially when considering that the DC universe has several versions of him, including one that is an anti-hero? We will have to wait and see.

Can you imagine anyone else other than Dwayne Johnson playing as Black Adam in the Shazam movie? Head over to the comment section and share your manly thoughts.

Source: MovieTribute

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