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These Amazing Cartoons Make You Think About Our Sad World



Happiness is a trap

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Simply put, our world is mess up and so are our lives. Consumerism and capitalism have eroded away whatever humanity we have left, a serious issue hat cartoonist Steve Cutts has captured in a series of captivating illustrations.

Based in London, Cutts is clearly frustrated with modern society and he’s not afraid to express it in his work. He studied fine arts before working as an illustrator at London creative agency Glueisobar for several years, having had Google, Coca-Cola, Reebok and Sony as some of his clients.

The disastrously major influence money, technology, entertainment and social media have on our 21st-century lives is what the images mostly cover, and boy do they make you think…

Cutts has been working as a freelancer since 2012 and his work has been featured on Adult Swim and Channel 4.

His YouTube channel is also worth checking out. Apparently, life didn’t turn out as well as Roger and Jessica Rabbit expected…

In an interview with Featured Magazine, Cutts said:

“I like to make animations about life and society in general, so there tends to be a message in most of them. The general insanity of mankind is an almost endless pot of inspiration!”

Without further ado, here are his captivating illustrations. Let us know if they make you reflect on your life…

getting fat watching TV

smartphone zombie

Fat man turns into couch

TV is bullshit

Slave to technology

Rats going to work, the future

cycle of consumerism

scary mondays

Cat craze

Corporate world destruction

Human work drones

Animal cruelty

Destroying world for money

Source: Steve Cutts

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