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Man Sues Famous Chinese Actress For Staring At Him Through TV Screen



zhao wei sued for big eyes

China is quickly turning into Russia in terms of crazy news. A Chinese man allegedly sued an actress for staring at him with her big eyes through the TV screen and causing him “spiritual damage.”

According to China Daily, this crazy guy’s lawsuit against Chinese actress Zhao Wei (pictured above) caused such a splash online that users on China’s biggest micro-blogging platform, Sina Weibo, were quick to jump at the opportunity to mock the blatant absurdity of it all.

“Is the guy insane? What’s wrong if an actress has big eyes?” questioned one user. “This kind of weird lawsuit should be condemned; it is a waste of time for court,” another added.

There’s no word yet on how successful this joke of a man’s case has been, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he gets tomatoes thrown at him in public.

Then again, this is China we are talking about, a country where millions of people barely make peanuts in wages. You can’t blame him for trying…

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