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This Man Could Lose $7 Billion In Most Expensive Divorce Ever



The richest man in Russia might have to pay a whopping $7 billion to his wife in possibly the most expensive divorce in history.

Vladamir Potanin worked hard and, likely, dirty for his $15 billion fortune, but he could lose half of it to his ex-wife if she gets her way.

The billionaire was married to Natalie Pontanina (both pictured above) for 30 years, a rather long marriage by today’s standards. Although he offered to settle the divorce for a very generous sum of money, she insists on getting what’s rightfully hers — half of Potanin’s net worth.

She has the law at her back because, in Russia, wealth acquired during a marriage must be divided equally upon divorce.

CNN Money explained:

“Natalia claims Potanin’s real wealth is held in offshore companies, and she’s launched an international legal battle to get hold of it.”

This divorce battle makes the one between American billionaire Harold Hamm and his greedy e-wife seem like child’s play.

And you thought the mundane break-up with your girl was bad…

Reference: CNN Money

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