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Female Rugby Player Breaks Nose, Keeps Playing Like Nothing Happened



Rugby breaks nose, plays on

They say that rugby is a more manly sport than football (soccer), and it seems that’s certainly the case with women’s rugby. Featured here is a female rugby player who broke her nose but continued on playing as if nothing happened…

Georgia Page, who plays for US university team Lindenwood, is just too manly for soccer. When her broken nose started pouring blood like water out of a jug, she brushed it off as a non-problem.

Obviously, she has gone viral on social media, with many hailing her as a ‘rugby war goddess’. She took to social media herself and claimed that despite not being able to breathe through her nose, it was what any of her teammates would have done.

Soccer players spend 90 minutes pretending they are hurt little girls, and rugby players spend 80 minutes pretending they aren’t! Do you have any doubts as to which sport is the manliest?

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