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This Real-Life Grand Theft Auto Imitation Will Blow Your Mind



Real life GTA, shooting

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People have been recreating Grand Theft Auto in real life for years, but the guys at Corridor Digital might just take the cake for the best rendition yet. Their live-action GTA imitation must be seen to be believe, because it’s downright amazing.

Corridor Digital’s work has taken social media by storm, and after looking at it, it’s easy to see why. They tried to imitate every aspect of Grand Theft Auto and succeeded.

Real life gta, shooting

As you can see, the camera angles and visuals, as well as the voice-overs and locations mimic the actual game almost to a T.

Real life gta, hit by car

Fans of the series are so desperate for GTA 6 that they somehow forced developer Rockstar into revealing its release date (sometime in 2018), as well as some minor plot and gameplay details. The game will apparently ditch Los Santos and Blaine County in favor of New York, Chicago or even London, UK.

Like you, we can’t wait for GTA 6. Until then, watch Corridor Digital’s recreation and let us know what you think.

Isn’t it the coolest thing you have ever seen?

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