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Guy Asks High School Crush To Prom, Forgot To Do His Homework



Guy prom rejection

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The feeling of rejection can be a painful for one, and none can be as brutal as what this one guy felt after being rejected by his high school crush.

When 18-year-old Patrick Smith of Park Ridge High School in New Jersey manned-up to ask the girl of his heart out to prom, he expected nothing other than a resounding “yes.” However, he didn’t do his homework, and was embarrassingly turned down when she revealed she already had a date…

As if that wasn’t painful enough, his friend recorded the whole, cringe-worthy moment on his phone and uploaded it to the internet, where it went viral.

In an interview with the Mirror, Patrick said:

My other friends thought it was the greatest thing ever, when I was just like ‘why me?’. It’s been a bit embarrassing, I’ll be honest with you. I really expected a solid yes. But then I just said screw it and embraced it. It’s just kind of fun at this point.

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Fortunately for him, it wasn’t all bad news, as he managed to get a date with another student, Lilli Abraham, for the dance. That should help him save face…

Have you ever been rejected by a girl for a big dance? If so, what did you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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