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Regular Sex Help Guys Perform Better On Exams



Sex improves exam grades

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As if you needed more proof that sex is good for you, new research shows that having sex regularly actually boosts performance and productivity. If you’re a student, it helps improve your exam grades.

Peter Saddington, a sex therapist at counselling firm Relate, says that having sex could help us all achieve better exam results, stating:

“Getting rid of pent-up aggression can make you more relaxed and help you take in more information.

Generally, it’s more likely to be men that notice having sex makes them more relaxed and therefore more engaged.

While they may look at it as an enjoyable distraction, it does help in the long run.

Women are generally more comfortable and better at concentrating on revision.”

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That all fine and dandy, but getting sex is a notoriously tricky endeavour for many men, which might explain why women outnumber men at most college and universities…

Then again, I wasn’t exactly a sex machine in university, but still graduated on the Dean’s List. What does that mean?

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