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Doug The Pug Imitates Kim Kardashian’s Selfies, He Looks Better



Doug the Pug , Kim Kardashian selfie

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Kim Kardashian is an attractive but obnoxiously obnoxious woman, so much so that when a dog imitates her selfies, we feel no shame in saying the dog looks better.

Doug the Pug is a pretty cool dog that’s already an internet sensation. Now, while I find pugs to be among the ugliest of dogs, you can bet he has gained thousands of new fans following his “cute” and hilarious mimicking of Kim Kardashian.

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Check out the side-by-side comparisons, courtesy of Mashable, and try not to laugh…

Doug the Pug , Kim Kardashian car

Doug the Pug , Kim Kardashian sexy

Doug the Pug , Kim Kardashian clevage

Doug the Pug , Kim Kardashian hot

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