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What The World Would Be Like If Men Had Periods…



Man periods, Manpon

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We all know how women on their period are — crazy! – but have you ever imagine what our world would be like if men had periods needed ‘manpons’? Wonder no more…

The ‘blokes’ at WaterAidUK have created the hilarious and thought-provoking YouTube video that shows just how different the world would be if men, along with women, had to deal with periods.

The video descriptions says it all:

If men had periods they would be considered a sign of virility, men would brag about them on Facebook, #imonmyperiod would probably trend regularly on Twitter, and tampon adverts would be fronted by celebrities.

Just visualize the average tampon commercial, but with the women and tampon replaced with men and ‘manpon’, respectively, and presented in the style of a hyper-masculine deodorant or shaving gel advertisement…. That should give you an idea of what WaterAidUK cooked up.

Given how emotionally destructive women can get when on their period, the thought of men needing manpons is frightening one, indeed!

Hey, wait just a minute — where exactly do you put these manpons?

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