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The Water You Drink Is Dinosaur Piss!



Dinosaur drinking water

You might think drinking water is the most innocuous thing anyone can do, but what you are really drinking is dinosaur piss!

According to the guys at Curious Minds, every single molecule of water that we drink has passed through a dinosaur’s bladder.

That’s actually not that farfetched when you consider that the giant reptiles were around for over 186 million years (some still exist), more than enough time for them to fill the world’s drinkable water supply with their urine.

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Curious Minds’ video explains the water cycle, particularly how it would been inside a dinosaur. They noted:

Most of the water molecules, have never been drunk by another human – but almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur.

Decades of quenching our thirst means we might all be part dinosaur. After all, the human body is around 70 percent water.

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