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World’s Largest Yacht Is Two Football Fields Long, Costs $800 Million



world's biggest yacht

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If you had $800 million to spend, would you buy a yacht that’s two football fields long, effectively making it the largest in the world?

Chances are you’re not that rich and will never be that rich, but a man can dream, right? The yacht in question measures 656 feet long and puts the one owned by the President of the UAE, Khalifa Al Nahyan, to shame. As the previous record holder, Khalifa’s ship ‘only’ measures 590 ft.

world's biggest yacht, side

The titanic size of the yacht allows it to have not one but two helipads, because — you know — if you can afford the world’s largest yacht, helicopters are nothing but chump change…

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According to Christopher Seymour, the man behind the machine, Double Century (that’s the name of the yacht) was created to be the next step in the evolution of gigayachts, and we can’t help but to nod our heads.

It has a sky-high price of $770 million and will be sold on on the off chance you win the lottery 1,000 times.

Have you ever been on a yacht and, if so, how big was it?

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