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Swedish Man Confronts Big Bear, Scares It Off Like A Boss



Man scares big brown bear

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When confronted by a bear, most people coward in fear, curling up into a ball as they hope for the best. One man in Sweden opted instead to stand his ground and managed to actually scare off a gigantic brown bear.

Looking at Ralph Persson, the trick seems to be spreading your arms and producing the kind of roar you might make after being kicked in the balls. He was out training his new hunting dog in Jamtland, Sweden, when the brown bear popped up out of the woods.

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He seems to have had a gun, but chose not to use it. What a trooper…

Speaking to Hela Halsingland, he said he was inspired by the technique used by some birds to scare off big predators:

I have seen in the past how even cranes have chased bears by folding up their wings.

Apparently, even small birds are braver than me…

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