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GoPro Billionaire Founder Gave His Old Roommate $230 Million



Jill Goodman, GoPro

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Talk about integrity, GoPro’s Billionaire founder Nick Woodman gave his college roommate $230 million after making a promise to do so 10 years ago.

Goodman (above) is my kind of guy. He returned 4.7 million of his own shares back to GoPro in order to repay the company for granting his old, University of California-San Diego roomie Neil Dana (pictured below) more than six million stock options.

GoPro, Neil Dana Surfing

Those shares translate to roughly $230 million, making Dana — the first GoPro employee and now the director of music and specialty sales at the firm — a millionaire overnight. The power of connections…

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I mean, just imagine being shacked up with a random surfer dude who ends up giving you $200 million because of a seemingly inconsequential promise he made to you… Mind-blowing, right?

As for Goodman’s financial position, he is so rich that giving away a quarter of a billion dollars still leaves him with an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion.

What is the most generous financial promise you have made and kept to a friend?

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