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Businessman Pays Pornstar $8M For 15 Years Of Exclusive Service



Pornstar get $8M For Exclusive Service

A businessman with too much money on his hands has paid a famous porn star over $8 million USD to receive exclusive service from her.

The contract requires 22-year-old adult actress Rola Misaki to act as the man’s personal assistant, although it’s not known what exactly that entails. Let’s use our imaginations…

She was pictured at an event in Beijing with her mysterious sugar daddy (wearing a mask), who is thought to be a Chinese man involved in the adult industry. He has previously appeared at other events wearing a mask and giving out generous cash gifts.

Rola Takizawa

Misaki is half Japanese, half Russian and performs under the stage name Rola Takizawa. Surprisingly, she has few fans in her native Japan but is quite the star in China.

Have any of you seen Rola Takizawa’s work? Is she really worth more than $8 million?

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